2023 Carnival Calabar Dry Run Dates Announced by Cross River State Government

Cross River State Government has officially announced the schedule for the 2023 Carnival Calabar Dry Run. In a press release issued by Austin Cobham, the Executive Secretary of the State Carnival Commission, it was revealed that the first dry run will take place on Sunday, October 15th, 2023 along the carnival routes.


Following the initial dry run, a second one will be held on November 12th, 2023, while the third dry run is scheduled for December 10th, 2023. Additionally, a children’s dry run has been planned for December 17th, 2023. All dry runs are set to commence at 1:30 p.m.


The announcement also urged members of the public, particularly churches and event planners, to take note of these dates and adjust their event schedules accordingly. This ensures that there is no clash with the procession of the carnival.


As the dry runs take place, certain routes will be partially closed to accommodate the carnival, but they will be reopened as the procession progresses.


The Carnival Calabar is one of Nigeria’s most vibrant and celebrated events, attracting thousands of tourists and participants each year. It showcases the rich cultural heritage of the state, with colorful parades, music, dance, and theatrical performances.


The dry runs serve as a rehearsal for the main event, allowing participants to fine-tune their routines and logistics. It also provides an opportunity for organizers to ensure that everything is in place for a smooth and successful carnival experience.


The announcement of the dry run dates has created excitement among both locals and tourists who look forward to witnessing the spectacle that the Carnival Calabar promises to be. This early notice will allow individuals and organizations to plan their attendance or participation accordingly.


With its unique blend of tradition, creativity, and entertainment, the Carnival Calabar is a must-see event for anyone visiting Cross River State during the festive season. It not only contributes to the state’s cultural tourism but also provides economic opportunities for local businesses and artisans.


As the dry run dates draw near, preparations will intensify, with organizers and participants working tirelessly to ensure that the Carnival Calabar lives up to its reputation as Africa’s largest street party.


Indeed, the anticipation is building, and all eyes are now focused on October 15th, 2023, when the first dry run will commence, marking the beginning of the countdown to the much-awaited Carnival Calabar in 2023.