Ankot Transformation Movement (ATM) Post Primary-Election Thank You Tour

A House of Assembly Aspirant for Calabar Municipal State Constituency, Hon. Barr. Ankot Cobham paid a thank you visit to both the female Statutory and the defunct Ad-hoc delegates in Calabar Municipality to appreciate them for their relentless and unflinching support and prayers during the Party Primary election.

Opening the meeting, was a prayer from the Ward Chairman of Ward one, Mrs Mabel Epharim, then introduction of ATM entourage of over 30 men and women that believes strongly in the ATM project by Mr Effiong Williams, the Media Director ATM Movement then Mr. Chiedu Okafor, the Secretary General of the *ATM* welcomed the female delegates comprising of the chapter women leader and other female chapter representatives, female ward chairmen, female ward secretaries, all ward women leaders and female Ad-hoc delegates and the mother of PDP women, the state women Leader who was unavoidable absent caused by an official engagement.

The Secretary General said the PDP primary election for Calabar Municipal State Constituency, CRSHOA has come and gone and its lessons learnt, experiences garnered and indelible memories left in the minds and streets of Calabar. But the ANKOT TRANSFORMATION MOVEMENT(ATM) has come to stay.

Our Principal and Project, Barr. Hon. Ankot Cobham whom we cherish so much put forth himself to represent our dear State Constituency, but narrowly missed it in accordance to the Will of God, since power comes from Him. But, I’m bold to say the “MOVEMENT didn’t fail” we came up strongly and victoriously with the strong support derived from the women and the youths of Calabar despite stiffer opposition by some elites, not because our product was not marketable or he was hate but because they yearned for continuity, some with the selfish interest permutation of becoming LG chairman, hence they truth was buried and they make sure the zoning arrangement of Calabar Municipality between constituency 1 & 10 jettisoned or killed. However, I want to tell you, the MOVEMENT cannot be diminished or dimmed, it has come to stay because a MOVEMENT is more than a CAMPAIGN ORG., while a Campaign Org. stands to be dissolved after the elections, Movements continue thereafter.

Borrowing the words of Anthony Anata, he said “Campaigns are always driven by interest but Movements are driven by convictions”. We followed and will continue to follow ANKOT because of our strong conviction in his lofty ideas and ability and competency to deliver. Today, we came with our principal just to thank you as a follow up to his thank you tour after the election which began with a church thanksgiving on Sunday, 26/6/2022, his ward executive committee members, then the coordinating partners and today the female statutory and defunct Ad-hoc delegates of Calabar Municipality.

Making his remark, Barr.(Hon.) Ankot Cobham said today’s meeting is thanksgiving and no more campaign and we have decided to start with the women because after taking statistical analysis of the vote we got in the primary, we realized that women gave us 60% of their votes being the highest and the youths 50% while the elders 10% of their votes. Above all, “I value women so much in my life because what I am today is my mother who sacrificed a lot to build on the foundation my father laid in my life after his untimely demise. He acknowledged the presence of his wife, Mrs Matilda Cobham whom he said has been a strong pillar, a partner in his political life and the very reason for this meeting with the women first after the aforementioned group of people.

Barr. Ankot reiterated that, his aspiration or campaign promises was not a mirage but a sincere aspiration for an effective representation, hence we came up with a Movement like the Secretary General have said and not a Campaign Organization that came up to only wrestled and seized power and vanished away.

He also stated that, “from what I read and believe to be true, in Campaign Org. politicians try to build structures prior to the election and dismantle it after winning or losing the election but in a Movement, it is you that build the structure and everyone here is a structure, whether winning or losing, the structure lives on.” That is to say, while a campaign Org. has a time limit, a Movement has not hence this Movement will continue to move on by God’s grace.

He went further to clear the air on his next step of action by saying, “I’m still a member of PDP and not just a member but the LG chapter secretary and admonished the women to avoid involving themselves in anti-party activities as the party prepares for the general election which will not be business as usual. He stated that his party ideology is that “Home is Home and your Home is better than any other place.” It is an absurd for anyone to remain in his party and work for the victory of a candidate in another party with thinking you will be remembered. You better defect than engage in such gambling.

It may work in other LGA but in Municipality you and I knows it won’t work, judging from the defection saga whereby exchange of pleasantries between an APC and PDP members became a taboo for fear of been reported or sack from appointment or revenue point. Also, the way PDP members who refused to defect were maltreated, some persons has to carry broom in the night, some must snap APC membership card and post online to continue to be payrolled or be in revenue point is still fresh. Our brothers in APC didn’t not mind whether we all join hand and cooked the food they robbed us and ran to APC, they forgot in a haste that they were elected to represent the people of Calabar Municipality and not APC. I think all these things happened as a lesson to be remembered in hours like this before taking any nasty decisions. So don’t be deceived, no matter how a leopard may walk like human being, he is a leopard, if he is hungry he will still devour and eat you.

On this note, he advised the women to forget what has happened, the betrayals and work for the success of all the candidates of our party, since they were not imposed on us but the all emerged from a transparent process.

He ended by thanking the women immensely for their prayers, love,support and votes in the election. He stated that their love and support will never be forgotten and prayed Almighty God to bless and reward them. “If a man has to thank God for everything that befalls him, I think there is also need to thank humans too for everything, especially those that believe in ATM ideology, the motivation u found in us and the braveness and boldness some of you exhibited for a change is worthy of thanks.”

The wife of Ankot, used the opportunity to thank the women for their strong believe in her husband and appreciated them by presenting wrapper materials to all the female delegates present and her gesture was supported with a cash gift from her husband.

The Ward Chairman of ward 6, Mrs Unita Okon and the Chairman of the Calabar Women Leaders forum, Mrs Chioma Ukam express their joy and on behalf of the women thanked Barr. Ankot and his wife for their kind gesture and benevolence . The duo stated that Barr. Ankot has today proven to the world that he is not just a politician but a true leader of his people that is worthy to be followed at all time. “Ankot has set another pace in the politics of Cal. Municipality” Mrs Unita, Secretary of Calabar Municipality ward chairmen forum stated.
Also speaking was the Chairman of the defunct Ad-hoc delegate, Lady CrossBee who said she was happy to be a coordinating partner of ATM and today her vote and support for ATM has been justified. In her words, I’m praying everyday and night for PDP to win the governorship election, so that you will be remembered and compensated, having used your resources to service the party structures before, during, after the primary election and till this day. It takes people with passion for his people to do what u have done and your likes are very few in the political space. May God bless you!

The Chapter Financial Secretary, Chief Asari Boco led the women into a prayer session with a broken heart for the humble lawyer, Hon. Prince Ankot and his household, they pray for God’s favour, protection and blessings upon his life.

In attendance were all the coordinating partners of ATM from ward 1 to 10.

Happy New Month!

ATM! Semper Paratus!