Australian Student Visa Rejection Reasons

While applying for a Visa, the biggest worry everyone has is Visa Rejection. To understand why your visa may be rejected, you need to understand the Visa Eligibility. The Rules and Regulations of Australia and Eligibility for the student visa are vital in the reasons for your visa rejection. Mentioned below is a detailed list of major reasons that cause most Australian student visa rejections. Carefully read the reasons behind each point and refer to the part below to know what to do if an Australian visa is rejected.

Recently, many cases have come up asking for reasons behind the rejection of Australian Visa. Students have been restlessly following up with their agents seeking the exact shortcomings in filing the visa application.

Visa a complex process, hence it is difficult for agents or anyone apart from the visa officers to establish the exact reasons for the rejection. While writing a Visa SOP or Visa Letter to the Visa Office, some things can be taken care of to reduce the chances of rejection.

The key to getting a student visa approval in Australia would be to stay truthful and loyal to your profile. Any lies in your letter that can be crosschecked by the visa agents may get you into trouble. Mentioned below is a detailed list of major things that cause most visa rejections, especially in the case of Australia.

Reasons for Australia Student Visa Application Rejection

Carefully read the reasons behind each point and refer to the suggestions to save yourselves from the disappointment caused due to student visa application rejection in Australia:

  • Improper Passport: The applicant’s passport must have been issued within the last ten years and should be valid for at least six months after returning from Australia. In certain cases where passports don’t meet the necessary requirements, the Immigration Office of Australia will not be issuing any student visas.
  • Incomplete Application Form: If an incomplete visa application form is submitted, the visa request will be denied under all circumstances.
  • Character Requirements Failure: Failure to meet the Australia student visa’s character requirements will result in a clear rejection. In case your student visa is denied on character grounds, you might not be given another visa. You must be of good character to visit or live in Australia. This means you must pass the character test, and remain good character. The character requirements are set out under section 501 of the Migration Act 1958. They help us decide if you are of good character.
  • Incomplete or Missing Documents: If the Australian student visa application of an applicant is found to have a document or two missing, which are required for the completion of assessing the Australia student visa application, then the visa application request will be denied in this case also.
  • False Information: Visa officers expect applicants to provide correct and exact information about themselves and their family’s income and the potential to bear overall expenses. One should mention the exact amount of course fees and living expenses along with the exact amount of your income and savings. This figure is crosschecked in order to ensure that the applicant has the capability of bearing the educational as well as living costs for studying in Australia. Even if the applicant plans to take an educational loan, they would need to mention the exact amount of the loan also. If you provide false income or savings, a visa application has a huge chance of being rejected.
  • Failure to Submit Additional Requests. After you submit an Australian student visa application, the Immigration Office may ask you to provide additional documents or information. If you fail to answer these requests, you won’t receive a visa.
  • Insufficient Finances: If you can’t provide proof that you can support your trip to Australia, you won’t be granted a visa. It’s important to the Immigration Office to know that you are capable of financially supporting yourself.

Other Pointers to Avoid Student Visa Rejection in Australia

There are other pointers that must be taken care of by students while applying for a student visa in Australia to avoid application rejection through their corresponding recommendations as well:

Australia Student Visa Rejection History

It is necessary that you mention the truth about recent student visa rejections upon asking. It is recommended to mention the exact reason for your rejection within Australia or some other country. While being honest, please keep in mind that you do not need to mention the information on visa rejections on the other types of visas. This includes tourist visas, work permits, exchange visitor visas, immigrant visas, etc. You should not discuss the rejections apart from the student visa applied you for Australia or some other country.

Bearing Educational Expenses

It would be best if you assured the visa offers that you are capable of bearing the overall expenses required to pursue education in Australia. This includes tuition fees, living costs, travel allowances, and other miscellaneous expenses needed to study in a foreign country.

If the document checklist indicates that the applicants must provide evidence of their financial capacity, by attaching evidence to the visa application. Australian student visa applications may be refused without notification. The living costs are required to be maintained and the source of income is to be declared and provided for along with the visa application indicating the cost of living in Australia. Actual living costs vary throughout Australia.

Proof of Enough Money to Cover Living Expenses in Australia

The following proofs must be shown in order enough money to cover the costs and expenses of your travel and your stay in Australia. You could give us evidence of:

  • deposits of money from a financial institution
  • government loans or loans from a financial institution
  • scholarships or similar financial support

Annual income

Alternatively, applicants can also provide evidence of their parents or their partner’s income who had a personal annual income of at least AUD 62,222 in the past year immediately before the applicant applies. In case of getting along with family member(s), applicants must demonstrate either their parents’ or partner’s income of at least AUD 72,592. The annual living costs in Australia are given below for reference:

  • For students/guardians: AUD 21,041
  • For partners coming with the applicants: AUD 7,362
  • For a child accompanying the applicant: AUD 3,152

You may be required to take an education loan, which you would need to mention in the application along with a certainty that you can bear the expenses. If you fail to provide the supporting financial documents required to prove your capability of affording the educational and living cost in a foreign country, chances are your Visa application would be rejected

Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

Applicants should be able to clarify their sole purpose of studying while applying for a student visa in Australia and not exploit their resources. This means that the applicant should not sound to be a threat to the jobs for the locals or a person who is willing to run a side business during study tenure. GTE requires applicants to submit the following details while applying for a student visa in Australia clearly and without any false information to avoid student visa rejection:

  • Previous study-related information like – academic transcripts showing qualifications, name of the education provider(s), length of study and certificates of attainment.
  • If there is a gap in the previous study then quote the reasons including why the applicant was not able to not maintain enrolment.
  • Current employment details include current employer, company address, employment period and details of designation. Also the name and contact details of a co-worker or manager who can confirm the circumstances of the applicant’s employment.
  • Ties to the home country or country of residence by providing evidence of financial, family or social ties. Applicants need to show they have significant reasons to return home.
  • The economic situation in the home country or country of residence by submitting documents showing employment or business activities for 1 year before submitting a student visa application along with potential employment offers including salary and other benefits, after course completion from Australia and most importantly income tax returns or bank statements.
  • Employment in a third country shows employment offers, including salaries and other benefits, after completing the course from Australia.

Applicants are recommended to include as much information and evidence as possible in their GTE statement to help the authorities assess their student visa application without any hurdles. Also pursuing a part-time job to support one’s living expenses within Australia needs to be mentioned with a clear intention. Additionally, working as a trainee or an intern in the industry related to their study of the field is something that complements the course they aspire to join.

Why Australia over other countries?

This includes smartly portraying why you are interested in studying in Australia and not in Indian or any other country. You should be able to identify that you are going to the country’s specifically institution only because of the curriculum and facilities the institute has to offer. Smartly establish how you would not benefit pursuing the chosen course within your country and how the exact course is not available anywhere else than Australia. You may also take about the industry exposure you would gain there.

Once these points are taken care of, specifically in the case of Australia, the chances of your Visa rejection would reduce. Apart from all these points, there are always things that can be used as icing on the cake to enhance the strengths of visa applications.

Australian Visa Application Rejection FAQs

Q. What is the visa rejection rate in Australia?

A. The Australian student visa rejection is very high, in 2022 around 3.8% of the applications were accpeted from a pool of 900. Students applying for a study visa in Australia must be very careful about how they are presenting themselves and how their academics have been in the past.

Q. How should an applicant work out his/her expenses while applying for a student visa in Australia to avoid rejection?

A. In order to avoid student visa application rejection in Australia, applicants can work out their expenses in the following manner to demonstrate in the application and satisfy the requirements, applicants must have enough money to pay for:

  • Travel
  • 1 year of your course fees (or pro rata fees, if your course is less than 12 months)
  • 1 year expenses for living costs for the applicant and their family member(s) – (or pro rata fees, if you are staying less than 12 months)
  • School fees for any school-age children who accompany the applicant along (or pro rata fees, if the child will be at school for less than 12 months)

Q. What if the applicant refuses to accept AAT’s decision of Australian visa rejection?

A. In case the applicant does not wish to accept the AAT’s final decision for visa application rejection in Australia, he/she is eligible to file a legal case to challenge the decision.

Q. Can I apply for a student visa again in Australia upon rejection?

A. Yes, applicants can re-sumbit an application for visa in Australia but they must consider filing for an appeal with AAT first. Application for visa can be submitted wthin 21 days of visa application rejection.

Q. Can I apply for a student visa again in Australia upon rejection?

A. Yes, applicants can re-sumbit an application for visa in Australia but they must consider filing for an appeal with AAT first. Application for visa can be submitted wthin 21 days of visa application rejection.

Q. What is the application fee for AAT for Australian student visa application refusal?

A. The applicant must pay the application fee of AUD 1826 in order to request to rvoke the refusal of decision for visa in Australia.

Q. Can I appeal for Australian student visa application refusal?

A. Yes, applicants can apply for Australian visa application refusal appeal at Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) b submitting an application along with an application fee.

Q. What are the broad reasons for Australia student visa application refusal?

A. The reason could be one or many depending upon the case of information in the visa application. Australian visa applications are refused majorly because of the following reasons:

  • Invalid or expired passport
  • Application form has missing information or documents.
  • Not up to the mark Australian visa character certificate.
  • Not financially sound
  • Criminal cases on applicant

Q. What if my Australian student visa is rejected?

A. If your Australian Student visa is refused, you have to submit an appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. You may also have to pay the fee for appealing. The visa Officers will send a written decision on the refusal of your visa. In the notice, you will get all the information about how to appeal a visa refusal and its deadline.

Q. Does an Australian student visa get rejected?

A. If you fail to fulfill any of the requirements for the Australian student visa, your visa might be rejected. There can be various reasons for the rejection such as unacceptable overseas student health cover, incomplete documentation, insufficient financial ability to survive in Australia during studies, Failure to meet academic qualifications, etc.

Q. Can I apply for an Australian student visa after refusal?

A. It Is Possible To Apply For An Australian Visa After Refusal – Or To Win Your Appeal! Your circumstances will dictate which option is best for you. Even though you are allowed to re-apply for the Student visa immediately, we advise you to prepare everything wisely before re-applying for the visa. Ensure you collect all the required supporting documents without fail for your next visa application. Do not repeat the same mistakes you did in your first application.

Q. Why visa gets rejected in Australia?

A. Student visa gets rejected in Australia due to many reasons Such as lacking the necessary amount of funds to study and live in Australia, applicant suffering from any disease which might become a burden on the Australian medical system, inadequate documents, any criminal records against the applicant, inability to prove English language proficiency, etc.