Canadian college revokes admission offer of 500 international students, Including Nigerian

Hundreds of International Students Left in Limbo as Northern College Revokes Admission Offers Due to Visa Issues

In a disheartening turn of events, approximately 500 international students are facing a state of uncertainty after Northern College in Ontario abruptly revoked their admission offers for the upcoming academic year. The college cited the over-issuance of visas by Canadian authorities to foreign students as the underlying cause for this distressing situation.

Among the affected students is Ashley, hailing from India, who had diligently prepared to embark on her academic journey in Canada. Having secured admission to Scarborough’s Pures College of Technology, an affiliate of Northern College, Ashley had invested her hard-earned savings and aspirations into her pursuit of studying healthcare administration. Her admission acceptance letter, received in February of this year, had kindled her hopes for a brighter future.

Tragically, Ashley and many others like her find themselves grappling with shattered dreams. Some students had already made the journey to their home countries, while others had gone as far as booking flights and paying registration fees, only to have their plans derailed by this unexpected decision.

“It was very heartbreaking for me… It was not a normal process for us as international students who have used all the savings that we have had,” Ashley expressed, her voice laden with disappointment and frustration. She had taken the bold step of resigning from her job in India, driven by her determination to pursue education in Canada.

In an official statement shared with CBC News, Pures College of Technology extended its willingness to accommodate all international students who had received letters of admission. Regrettably, Northern College, the overseeing institution, chose to take a different stance, leaving Pures College in an unfortunate predicament.

The affected students, including Ashley, now find themselves caught in a web of uncertainty and distress. With plans upended and significant financial investments at stake, the toll on their mental and emotional well-being is undeniable. “I don’t know how to cope with this. I am in depression… I just want to have a valid solution for my situation,” Ashley voiced her anguish.

This disconcerting situation shines a spotlight on the challenges that international students face when pursuing education abroad. It underscores the need for robust communication and coordination between educational institutions and immigration authorities to prevent such distressing scenarios from unfolding. As the affected students continue to grapple with an uncertain future, their plight serves as a call for greater empathy and support within the education system to ensure that dreams are not shattered due to bureaucratic hurdles.