Canadian PM Trudeau High On Cocaine, Plane Loaded With Drugs

Breaking: Justin Trudeau The 🍁 Canadian Prime Minister was high on drugs and cocaine for two days in 🇮🇳 India.

Trudeau missed all of the meetings and wasn’t seen outside his room for two full days its been reported. There are allegations his plane was loaded completely full of cocaine.

Vohra, a former Indian ambassador to Sudan, told Zee News:

‘When Justin Trudeau came to India for the G20 this month, his plane was full of cocaine. He did not come out of his room for two days.’

Scandal hit Trudeau is facing growing calls for his resignation after hosting a Waffen SS Nazi War Criminal to the Canadian Parliament and giving him a standing ovation.

Calls for his resignation are increasing after offending millions of Jews and people who died fighting the Nazi regime in WW2.

He has become a laughing stock around the world as leaders in other nations cannot take him seriously and the office of Prime Minister in Canada continues to be diminished.

World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab of which Trudeau is a devotee is rumoured to be furious that parading a Waffen SS Nazi in the parliament has brought the focus to bear on his own father Eugene Schwab and his close association with the Nazi Party with which he worked with and supported.