Comedian I Go Dye Shares Candid Story of Sleeping in Port Harcourt Brothel 23 Years Ago

Nigerian comedian, Francis Agoda, popularly known as ‘I Go Dye,’ has opened up about a deeply personal experience from his journey to stardom.

In a heartfelt narrative shared on his verified Instagram account, I Go Dye recounted an incident from many years ago when he found himself spending a night at a brothel in Port Harcourt.

He revealed that this situation arose because he couldn’t afford to stay in a hotel after being invited to an event that paid him a meager sum. The comedian disclosed that he received only 10,000 naira for the engagement, not realizing that it was meant to cover his accommodation, transportation, and meals.

With only 2,000 naira left out of the payment he received months prior, I Go Dye was faced with a challenging predicament. His only feasible option was to seek accommodation at a joint where sex workers resided. He approached one of the workers and negotiated to spend the night in her room for a fee of 1,000 naira, but she informed him that the space would be available only after 2am, once her other customers had left.

After his performance at the event, I Go Dye headed to the designated location to spend the night. However, he encountered an unexpected situation when someone knocked on his door at 5am, prompting him to wait outside for 30 minutes. This unexpected turn of events forced him to venture out and find transportation to Waterline in the morning, in search of a ride to Warri.

Accompanying his heartfelt narrative, I Go Dye shared a throwback photo from that very day, taken on December 26, 2000, during the Nite of a Thousand Laugh event in Port Harcourt. In his caption, he reflected on the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned from that experience.

I Go Dye’s candid story serves as a reminder that even in the face of adversity, there is hope for a brighter future. He encourages others to hold onto their dreams, remain resilient, and believe in the potential for positive change.

The comedian’s narrative offers a glimpse into his past struggles and exemplifies his determination to overcome challenges on the path to success.