Crackdown on Illegal Mining in Cross River State: Two Detained in Recent Operation

Cross River State Illegal Mining Task-force Apprehends Alleged Illegal Miners

In a significant move against unlawful mining activities, the Cross River State Illegal Mining Task-force has taken action by apprehending two individuals suspected of engaging in illegal mining operations.

Presently detained at Akpet Central Police Station in Biase Local Government Area, these arrests mark a crucial step in curbing unauthorized mining practices within the state. received confirmation of the arrests from Chairman Engr. Ukam Ngwu Ngwu, who leads the task-force’s operations. The detained individuals were apprehended on August 19, 2023, at the Illegal Mica Depot located in Abini village, Biase Local Government Area.

According to official statements, the task-force, under the leadership of Chairman Ngwu Ngwu, has been proactively conducting raids and dislodging illegal miners across various locations within the state. The arrests made in Abini village followed an unscheduled visit to Akamkpa and Biase.

Additionally, the task-force’s efforts revealed the existence of illicit mining sites in Uyanga, Akwaibami, and Ojoi villages, all situated within Akamkpa Local Government Area. The task-force, led by Chairman Engr. Ukam Ngwu Ngwu, visited these sites around 11 am, where they discovered machinery suspected to be used by the miners for their activities.

During their operation, the task-force apprehended the operator of the caterpillar equipment, believed to be instrumental in facilitating the illegal mining. In a statement, Chairman Ngwu Ngwu revealed that while the illegal miners themselves were not apprehended, the caterpillar operator expressed intentions to engage with the government committee for documentation on Monday.

Chairman Ngwu Ngwu emphatically stated that the task-force is unwavering in its commitment to identifying all illegal mining sites across the state. He issued a stern warning to residents of Cross River State, urging them to refrain from engaging in illegal mining activities. He emphasized that individuals caught engaging in such practices henceforth would face the full consequences of the law.

As the Cross River State Illegal Mining Task-force continues to execute its duties diligently, this operation signals a decisive stride towards upholding legal and ethical mining practices.

The apprehension of the alleged illegal miners and the discovery of unlawful mining sites reflect the ongoing efforts to safeguard the state’s natural resources and ensure compliance with regulatory measures.