Cross River State Government Suspends Scrap Metal Activities Amid Rising Vandalism

In response to the growing menace of theft and vandalization of critical public and private infrastructures, the Governor of Cross River State, His Excellency Senator Prince Bassey Edet Otu, has taken decisive action by ordering the immediate suspension of all scrap metal activities in the state until further notice.

The rampant theft of valuable metals from infrastructure installations, including power lines, railway tracks, and telecommunications facilities, has posed significant challenges to the state’s development and security. To curb this worrisome trend, the government has directed all dealers in scrap metals to adhere strictly to the suspension order. Security agencies have been granted the authority to take robust actions against any individual or entity found disregarding this directive.

The suspension comes as part of the government’s comprehensive effort to combat the rising tide of vandalism that has caused substantial disruptions and financial losses to both public and private sectors. By implementing this suspension, the government aims to protect vital infrastructure, maintain public safety, and safeguard the interests of its citizens.

All licensed scrap metal dealers have been issued a mandate to report to the office of the Chief of Staff to the Governor on Thursday, July 27, 2023, at 2 p.m. for a crucial briefing. During this meeting, dealers will receive further instructions and guidelines concerning the suspension of activities and the way forward.

In a statement issued by the Deputy Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Edem Darlington, the government emphasizes the gravity of the situation and urges all stakeholders to cooperate fully. It is expected that the collective efforts of the government, law enforcement agencies, and scrap metal dealers will significantly reduce incidents of theft and safeguard the state’s infrastructure.

This suspension serves as a clear message that the Cross River State Government is committed to maintaining law and order and ensuring the security and well-being of its citizens. The government remains resolute in its determination to tackle criminal activities and safeguard the state’s assets for the benefit of all.

As the situation unfolds, the public is encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the relevant authorities promptly. Together, citizens and the government can work hand in hand to build a safer and more secure environment for all residents of Cross River State.