CRS guber 2023: Effiong Nyong is the right Candidate for Cross River state Governorship Election

The Coalision of ADC the party with the handshake logo, with Obidient movement/Labor party says …

Vote Effiong Nyong as the right Candidate for Cross River state Governorship election.
With the following point:

1. Continuous development in all areas of the state Economy.

2. What of No Gratuity ( bill is totaling #28Billion) though negleted but Mr Effiong Nyong will start Paying from his first year in office and pensioners will be paid each year from now on. We can beat our heart to this.

3. Effiong Nyong is bringing in 22 new Local government development council to help develop bigger villages that are inside bigger local government. This is how villages turns cities Centres overnight. It means Cross River will become 40 local government areas.

4. Effiong Nyong will build 3 new sports complex in the 3 Senatorial districts to bring back the sporting days in Cross River, while he will turn the abandoned UJ Esuene Stadium into a world class Stadium with hotel inside.

5. It is unjust to vote another party when Odukpani represents Southern Cross River in the Senate, and House of Representative. “Odukpani alone is not the only Local government in the South. What of the other 6 local governments? Will they all be left empty?

6. Other party men will cover up a lot of unjust DEBTS incurred by the govt that have marred development in Cross River state which will make developmental performance poor, but Mr Effiong Nyong in his capacity Is prepared in dealing with those issues outstandingly.

7. Cross River is poorly developed especially the Southern part despite strategic location of the State Capital which has before now referred to Tourism Destination, but because of the incapacitated ability of the previous governments, thing went bad. But, Effiong Nyong will dredge our water ways using local contractors and foreign Companies, so that big ships can come into our ports while he will use his contacts to speak things with the opening of the seaport. He has even started talking to the structures.

8. Effiong Nyong will use the Sand that the dredging company will throw out to create attificial beaches from The shore of Marina Resort to Esuk Nsidung. This will help grow the beauty of Tourism in Cross River and expand our investment platforms and create more revenues and jobs.

9. Effiong Nyong is joining funds with the National body of Free Trade Zone to fix power in EPZ so that the zone can give the complete 75,000 jobs that are available there for cross Riverians across the zones. This is what we call programmes.

10. There are other programs for Education, Health, Security, Civil service, Entertainment, Businesses, ICT, Art and Culture, Traditional stools, and Religion. Etc.

11. He will turn Bakassi to Dubai in 2years with the N500,000,000( Five hundred million naira) stabilisation funds the federal government has been giving to them the pass 8yrs.

12. Mr Effiong Nyong is Turning CRBC into an international TV station by creating 3 new platforms out of it; Movies stations, which will showcase our local movies, and Music videos, Sports station for all our local sports and int’l sports, news and commentary station. It will all be hosted on a DHF sat on DSTV, GOTV and Startime.

13. Tinapa, and Obudu Cattle Ranch will sit back in their original position with the original plan running.

13. Ogoja and entire Northern Cross River should support the Southern part to vote ADC( party with handshake) 🤝🏽. Central must as well take this opportunity serious So next, it will open opportunity they can have a chance from.

Vote Effiong your Bakassi boy !!
Vote the party with handshake logo