CRSG Warns Against Unauthorised Persons Acting On Its Behalf In Cocoa Transactions


The Cross River State Government (CRSG) has issued a stern warning to the general public regarding unauthorised individuals claiming to act on its behalf in cocoa transactions. In an official statement released today, the the State Government emphasized that all former political appointees have been relieved of their positions and are no longer authorized to represent the State Government.

The announcement specifically highlighted Mr. Oscar Ofuka, the former Special Adviser on Cocoa, who has been relieved of his appointment. The CRSG strongly advised Mr. Ofuka to cease presenting himself as a representative of the State Government in any capacity related to cocoa transactions. The government urged stakeholders in the cocoa value chain to take note of this development and to exercise caution in their dealings.

Furthermore, the CRSG explicitly stated that any agreements made on the acquisition of cocoa plots beyond December 31, 2023 would be done at the individual’s or group’s own risk. The government urged those involved in such transactions with Mr. Oscar Ofuka to review and reconsider their engagement, seeking refunds where applicable.

The State Government expressed its commitment to reviewing activities in the cocoa value chain to ensure transparency, accountability, and to fully exploit the sector’s inherent potential as a significant revenue earner. This measure aims to create a favorable environment for sustainable growth and development within the cocoa industry.

In light of these developments, the CRSG issued a strong warning against any attempts by individuals or groups to undermine the government’s directives in this regard. Any such actions will be met with severe consequences, as the government is determined to safeguard its interests and maintain the integrity of cocoa transactions in Cross River State.

The Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Emmanuel Ogbeche, signed the announcement. He urged the general public to take note of the government’s position and to report any unauthorized individuals or activities related to cocoa transactions to the appropriate authorities.

This public announcement serves as a reminder to stakeholders and individuals involved in the cocoa value chain to exercise due diligence and adhere to the government’s directives. By doing so, they can contribute to the sustainable growth and development of the cocoa industry in Cross River State.