Dagrin’s Brother Trod, has responded to allegations of abandoning their mother and misappropriating late Dagrin’s music royalties.

Trod has faced criticism from certain social media users who argue that as Dagrin’s brother, he should have knowledge of the music royalties and take responsibility for their late mother.

Trod, the Nigerian singer and brother of the late rapper Dagrin, has refuted accusations of misappropriating royalties from his brother’s music. The denial comes after a video emerged in which Dagrin’s mother, who is also Trod’s stepmother, appealed to Nigerians for financial support. In case you missed it, you can find more details on the matter here.

The living conditions of Dagrin’s mother have generated concern among Nigerians, prompting questions about the recipients of royalties from the late rapper’s songs since his untimely death. This has led to criticism from certain social media users who believe that Trod, as Dagrin’s brother, should be aware of the royalties and take responsibility for the welfare of their late mother.

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Trod has responded to the accusations by posting a statement on his official Twitter page, asserting that he has no knowledge of the royalties. He specifically mentioned Digital Music and Commerce Exchange Limited (DMCE), the organization he claimed has been receiving the royalties since 2010, and challenged them to step forward.

Trod accompanied his statement with a screenshot showing Dagrin’s songs available on a streaming platform. He expressed his lack of involvement, stating, “I don’t know anything about Grin’s royalties… The person who has been getting paid for 13 years should come out. DMCE, whatever?!”

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A viral video depicting the dilapidated living conditions of the late Nigerian rapper Dagrin’s mother has stirred concern among Nigerians on social media. The video surfaced shortly after she shared her plight online, highlighting her current living situation.

During a live session on TikTok, she expressed that she has been residing in substandard conditions since her son’s tragic passing, relying on selling food to sustain herself. The video, which can be watched here, caught the attention of many.

Subsequently, another video showcasing the residence where the elderly woman resides emerged online, intensifying the worry among Nigerians. The footage captured the rundown exterior of the building, including deteriorated windows and other notable features.

Additionally, glimpses of the outdated interior were shown, featuring some of the awards Dagrin received during his lifetime, such as The Headies Award and others. The video can be watched here.