Discover the Best College Towns In Maryland, USA

Maryland consistently tops lists of states for education, and the state’s post-secondary institutions are among the best in the United States, according to a number of associations.

The state’s most well-known university, Johns Hopkins University, was established in 1876 with funding provided by Baltimore businessman Johns Hopkins. The University of Maryland, Towson University, and Morgan State University are a few more well-known academic institutions.

Maryland is the 5th most densely populated state in the US and has great public transport and rail systems in its cities, especially in the Baltimore area. This makes this beautiful state attractive for many new students when paired with the state’s high levels of diversity, Baltimore’s nightlife, and downtown. Maryland is a perfect locale for young adults to carry out their studies.

1. Annapolis

Downtown Annapolis, with State House, overlooking the city.

With the liberal arts college, St John’s College located across the street from the United States Naval Academy, this paring of post-secondary institutions in the small Maryland town of Annapolis is often met with comparisons of Athens and Sparta.

The two schools further reinforce this contrast by carrying on a spirited rivalry seen in the annual croquet match between the two institutions on the front lawn of St. John’s, referred to as the “purest intercollegiate athletic event in America” by GQ Magazine. Annapolis’ nightlife is quite laid back, just like the town itself, with a downtown scene primarily dominated by saloons and pubs.

2. Baltimore

Gilman Hall on the Johns Hopkins University campus during first-year orientation. Image credit Liz Albro Photography via Shutterstock

Baltimore is proudly the largest city in Maryland, home to an impressive number of universities, including John Hopkins University, University of Maryland-Baltimore, The University of Baltimore, Maryland Institute College of Art,  Baltimore City Community College, Coppin State University, Goucher College, Notre Dame of Maryland University, and many more impressive post-secondary institutions.

Due to such a large population, with a strong student population, Baltimore is home to a great nightlife scene with great spots such as Pulse Nightclub, Club Belissimo, Mirage Nightclub, Sotto Sopra, Puerto 511 Cocina Peruana, Maiwand Grill, and many more impressive clubs and restaurants!

3. College Park

University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. Image credit Bryan Pollard via Shutterstock

Best known as the home of the University of Maryland-College Park, this impressive town of 35,000 residents is home to visually pleasing architecture, notably on campus with red brick Georgian buildings and stunning projects such as McKeldin Mall, which has been referred to as one of the most picturesque college campus quads in the entire nation of the United States of America.

The University of Maryland may be College Park’s sole university, but with a student enrollment of 41,200 and providing no shortage of courses for a variety of subjects, College Park receives a plethora of educational opportunities from the University of Maryland.

College Park is a quaint and laid-back community with a more subtle nightlife consisting of pubs, bars, lounges, and grills such as SPECTRUM LOUNGE, The Jerk Pit, Town Hall Liquor and Bar, Looney’s Pub, and other entertaining spots to enjoy a night on the town.

4. Princess Anne

White wooden 18th-century home in Princess Anne, Maryland. Image credit LEE SNIDER PHOTO IMAGES via Shutterstock

Princess Anne, Maryland, is one of the smaller college towns in the state, with a quaint community of just 3,428 people. Despite the town’s small size, the lovely town of Princess Anne is the proud home of the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore, which is a high-quality historically Black university with a student enrollment of over 2,000.

Unfortunately, America has a long history of racism, and due to segregation, African-American students of Maryland could not attend universities such as Maryland Agriculture College, but states had to establish colleges for African-American students in order to continue to receive land-grant gain funds, so the Eastern Shore Branch of Maryland Agriculture College was established.

Today, this university has a very diverse population which is 77% African American, 8% white, 5% Two or more races, and 10% other races, which adds the wonderful aspects of educational opportunity, diversity, a youthful population, and architecture to the charming town of Princess Anne.

This also creates a boom in nightlife for local establishments such as Squeaky’s at the Washington Tavern, Spikes Pub and Subs, and Buck’s Store Bar & Grill.

5. Silver Spring

Downtown Silver Spring. Image credit Rob Crandall via Shutterstock

Adjacent to the northern tip of Washington, DC, is an urbanized and old section of the community known as Silver Spring. Modern yet tasteful buildings, green spaces, coffee shops, restaurants, and most importantly, high-quality educational institutions are some noticeable and admirable aspects of Silver Spring. Silver Spring is proud to be the location of Montgomery College and the famous HBCU, Howard University’s School of Continuing Education.

Montgomery College is one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse colleges in the nation, with students from over 170 different countries enrolled, and a student population that is 27% back, 25% Hispanic, and 23% white, giving students the opportunity to be apart of a school where they can meet others from across the world and have a broader perspective of the world.

Montgomery College has an enrollment of 55,000 students! With a booming population comprised of many youth, the nightlife booms as well. Check out spots like Gulf Lounge, The Society, hug lounge, and JUSTE LOUNGE.

6. Towson

Towson University, in Towson, Maryland

Towson is a gorgeous town of around 59,000 residents in Maryland and is home to the amazing Towson University, a public post-secondary education with an impressive enrollment of 20,000 students, making it the second largest institution in the University System of Maryland.

Towson University is home to the biggest business school in the entire state of Maryland, with an enrollment of 2,500 students. It was founded in 1866 as the Maryland State Normal School for the training of teachers and has encountered a plethora of development until today’s time.

Another amazing institution in the lovely town of Towson is Goucher College, which is a small liberal arts school. Exciting downtown locations for fun after studies include spots such as The Reservoir, Towson Nights Hookah Lounge, and The Red Room!

7. Westminster

Westminster, overlooking McDaniel College’s private education institution

Although quaint, small towns can be very attractive to students focused on their studies, who require limited distractions. Westminster, on the east coast state of Maryland, provides tranquillity and top-notch education.

Home to three post-secondary schools and a small city of 20,126 residents, Westminster carries a small-city charm, full of greenery and comforting architecture residents love to admire. The city’s second-largest employer and largest college in the town is McDaniel College. The small yet rich-with-opportunity school of McDaniel College is a liberal arts college that has 1,629 enrollees and employs over 600 people in the community of Westminster.

Other colleges in the city include; Civil Air Patrol’s National Honor Guard Academy; and to Dream Flight School. To Dream Flight School is an institution providing flight lessons at the local airport.

Overall, Maryland is undeniably one of the best states for post-secondary education, with high density, beautiful landscapes, easily traversable cities with great nightlife, and high quality of life.

Whether the state’s most populous city Baltimore or a small town like Princess Anne, which is full of history, quaint living, and impressive levels of diversity,

Maryland is waiting to embrace its next student, eager to learn and explore this impeccable east coast state of 6,177,224 lovely residents.