Easybuy Phones and Prices list 2023 (iPhone, Samsung, Tecno, Others)

Easybuy Phones and Prices: Easybuy is a perfect option when you need a phone, and your current money isn’t enough for the current price. This post will give you a complete list of the latest Easybuy Phones and their present Prices in Nigeria in 2023.

What is Easybuy

You may be new to this, or you have heard about easy buy from friends and relatives, but you don’t know what it means, don’t worry; here is a full explanation of easy buy phones in Nigeria.

Easybuy is also known as buy now pay later, which means if you want to buy a phone, but your money is not complete, what you need to do is head up to any nearest easy buy shop around you and get your phone of choice them, you will pay ten percent and go home with the phone. The remaining money will be paid every month.

Here are Easybuy phones and their prices:

Please note that prices of phones aren’t stable in Nigeria. Due to this fact and some other factors, prices may change slightly. Use these price lists as a guide only.

You can get Easybuy phones near Ikorodu, Kaduna, Calabar, Warri, Akure, Owerri, Ikeja, Benin City, Jos, Ibadan, Uyo, or any other popular cities in Nigeria.

Easybuy prices list for iPhones

  • iPhone 8: N210,000
  • iPhone 8 Plus: N339,000
  • iPhone Xs: N330,000
  • iPhone XS Max: N368,000
  • iPhone X: N229,000
  • iPhone 6: N140,000
  • iPhone 6s: 100,000
  • iPhone XR: N270,000
  • iPhone 7 Plus: N190,000

Easybuy price list for Samsung Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy A10: NGN48,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: NGN235,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A30: NGN82,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018): NGN81,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A2 Core: NGN42,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A20: NGN62,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: NGN220,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S9: NGN178,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S10: NGN220,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A50: NGN100,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8: NGN205,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: NGNNGN80,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: NGN115,000
  • Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus: NGN105,000

Nokia Phones Prices list

  • Nokia X5: NGN70,000
  • Nokia X6 (6.1 Plus): NGN78,000
  • Nokia 5.1: NGN55,000
  • Nokia 3.1: NGN52,000
  • Nokia 2: NGN39,000
  • New C2: NGN15,000
  • Nokia 9 – Pure View: NGN274,000
  • Nokia 7 Plus: NGN168,000
  • Nokia 2.1: NGN39,000
  • Nokia X71: NGN138,000
  • Nokia 7: NGN85,000
  • Nokia 5: NGN55,000
  • Nokia 4.2: NGN87,000

Easy Buy prices list for Tecno Phones

  • Tecno Spark 3: NGN46,000
  • Camon 11: NGN58,000
  • Tecno Camon 11 PRO: NGN85,000
  • Camon CX: NGN59,000
  • Camon X Pro (CA8): NGN88,000
  • Tecno POP1 F3: NGN50,000
  • POP 2 Power: NGN35,000
  • POP 2F: NGN32,000
  • Tecno Pouvoir 2(LA7): NGN52,000
  • Pouvoir 2 Pro (LA7 Pro): NGN67,000
  • Pouvoir 2 Air: NGN48,000
  • Tecno F1: NGN29,000
  • F3 Pro (Pop1 Pro): NGN40,000
  • Spark Youth(KA6): NGN37,000
  • Tecno Phantom 8: NGN90,000
  • Droipad 7D: NGN49,000
  • Spark K7: NGN59,000

Easybuy prices list for Infinix phones

  • Infinix Hot 6: NGN50,000
  • Hot 6 X: NGNN60,000
  • Hot 7: NGN44,000
  • Hot 7 Pro: NGNN54,000
  • Hot 4 Lite: NGN43,000
  • Hot 4 Pro: NGN50,000
  • Hot S3X: NGN80,000
  • Hot 5: NGN53,000
  • Infinix Smart 3: NGN42,000
  • Smart 2: NGN51,000
  • Smart 2 HD: NGN53,000
  • Smart 2 Pro: NGN55,000
  • Infinix Note 3: NGN72,000
  • Note 4 Pro: NGN74,000
  • Note 5: NGN82,000
  • Note 5 Stylus: NGN91,000
  • Infinix S4: NGN82,000
  • Infinix Zero 4: NGNN72,000
  • Infinix Zero 4 Plus: NGN79,000
  • Zero 5: NGN109,000
  • Zero 6: NGNN110,000
  • Infinix Zero 5 Pro: NGNN115,000

iTel Phones Prices are listed at easy buy

  • Itel P32: NGN23,000
  • Itel P33: NGN25,000
  • Itel P33 Plus: NGN26,000
  • Itel A33: NGN19,000
  • Itel A14: NGN16,000
  • Itel A16: NGN17,000
  • Itel S13: NGN29,000

Will your phone be locked if you don’t pay it back?

Before you go for easy buy phones, you need to be sure you can pay them back. Otherwise, if you default in making repayment as and when due, your phone will be locked, and you won’t be able to use it.

How to pay the money

They will install an app on the phone which link to the bank account you provide during registration, in every month, they will automatically deduct the 15000 from your account, and you can also pay it manually.

EasyBuy Phones Requirements

You must meet some requirements to qualify for easy buy phones in Nigeria. Some of them are listed below:

  • You must be a Nigerian or a legal resident of Nigeria
  • Have a bank account with any recognized banks in Nigeria
  • Have maintained good credit records in the past
  • A guarantor
  • A regular source of income
  • Be 18 years and above

Once you’ve qualified for the above requirements, you can be sure of getting a new phone from Easybuy.

You can get Easybuy phones near Ikorodu, Ibadan, Ikeja, Warri, Akure, Jos, Kaduna, Benin City, Uyo, Owerri, or any other part of the country.

What happens if you fail to pay

There will be a warning text pop-up on your phone screen which says, “Dear customer, your easy buy payment is overdue, kindly make a payment today to avoid phone lock.
This text will remain on your phone screen for three days. If you don’t pay within dee date, all your phone apps will be locked except the accessible buy sand bank apps. You will not be able to access your WhatsApp, Facebook, and other apps; even you will not be able to make a call, just like how the pal pay app used to o before.