Etuboms’ Traditional Council Issues Strong Warning Against Chief Anthony Ani’s Provocations

Palace of the Obong of Calabar Issues Press Statement Condemning Chief Anthony Ani’s Actions

In a recent press statement, the Etuboms Traditional Council from the Palace of the Obong of Calabar has expressed deep concern over the actions of Chief Anthony Ani, who has been making inflammatory statements and attempting to disrupt the revered traditional institution.

The Council acknowledges the right to free speech, but highlights the problem when an individual’s fantasies spill over into the public sphere, endangering harmony and tarnishing the legacy of an esteemed cultural heritage. Chief Anthony Ani, it is reported, aims to garner the endorsement of some Paramount Rulers in the state, under the guise of becoming an “Obong elect” during a thinly veiled ceremony.

Such an audacious move, attaching the name of a first-class monarch to a dubious affair, is viewed as an abomination by the Etuboms Council. This maneuver is seen as a desperate attempt to gain recognition, raising questions about the lengths to which Chief Ani is willing to go in his latest endeavor.

Interestingly, Chief Ani has been observed urging Cross Riverians to support the government of Sen Prince Otu, while simultaneously engaging in actions that could potentially spark unrest and disrupt the government’s efforts. The timing and intentions behind these actions have led to skepticism within the community.

While Chief Ani speaks of his intentions to uplift the Efik people, it’s worth noting that many prominent Efik individuals have selflessly contributed to their community without seeking titles or accolades in return.

The backdrop of Chief Ani’s controversial history adds another layer of intrigue. Having previously been a close associate of General Abacha, Chief Ani’s current pursuit for endorsements and recognition draws parallels to past efforts to promote political figures.

The Etuboms Traditional Council firmly reminds Chief Ani that visible and tangible contributions do not necessitate a formal title. However, Chief Ani’s relentless quest to undermine the traditional Efik Throne, despite a clear Supreme Court ruling against his appeal, reflects a misguided mission that could lead to disastrous outcomes.

The Council urges the government and security agencies in Cross River State to take note of Chief Anthony Ani’s intentions and intervene if necessary to prevent any potential law and order breakdown. In the face of these developments, the Efik youth and people of the Eburutu Kingdom are advised to exercise restraint and respect the rule of law.

As the Efik Kingdom, Cross River State, and the Federal Republic of Nigeria stand united, the Etuboms Traditional Council maintains its commitment to upholding the integrity of its revered traditions and cultural heritage.

Long live the Efik Kingdom.

Long live Cross River State.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

HRH, Etubom Bassey O. B. Duke Chairman