Finally Obi Opens Up on “Yes Daddy” Phone Call With Bishop Oyedepo on Live TV

The presidential candidate of the Labour Party in the just concluded presidential polls, Peter Obi has finally opened up on the phone conversation he had with the popular cleric Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Worldwide.

During a live interview at the Arise TV studios late at night on Monday, May 1, Obi stated that he did have a phone conversation with Bishop Oyedepo but never at any point made a comment that the 2023 poll is a ”religious war.” Obi said:

“Do you think I can just pick a phone and say ‘religious war’? No, I was even begging the bishop to help me ask his people to vote, which was what I was doing for six months – begging.

“I wasn’t saying ‘catch him’, ‘kill him’, ‘force it’. I was even begging. That shows that I continued to look for votes by begging. There were so many things we tried to do but they were not okay.”

The former Anambra state governor stated that he does not care what his opponents and their supporters make of it while also maintaining that he is not a religious or ethnic bigot.

“No non-Muslim governor has sent Muslims to Mecca than me” – Peter Obi

The LP bannerman noted that he has been a friend to the Muslim community and that some forces are trying to manipulate the citizens against him but their plots will be rendered useless and their end will come.

He said:

“…they will soon know who is the religious or tribal bigot. I am not one. I have just given you an example of how I built mosques. Till today, no non-Muslim governor has sent more people to Mecca than me.”