Florida beachgoers spot a young black bear swimming in nearby waters

People at a beach in Destin, Florida, could bear-ly believe what they saw on June 11.

A young black bear was spotted swimming in the water. The animal, which initially appeared to be a dog, took a dip mere feet from other beachgoers before leaving the scene.

People are seen on video looking at the bear and not appearing to be scared of it.

“It’s a bear,” someone could be heard saying in one clip.

“I guess he’s on vacation, too,” another person said, according to NBC Orlando affiliate WESH.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says there are steps people can take to avoid conflict with bears. The commission recommends not feeding or approaching them, securing food and garbage, removing wildlife feeders, keeping pet food indoors, cleaning grills after each use and letting neighbors knew if you’ve seen a bear.

The bear at the Destin beach is the latest incident involving one of the animals appearing at an unexpected location. Earlier this year, Nevada police removed at a bear from inside a car and another bear was captured on camera eating cupcakes at a Connecticut bakery.

This article was originally published on TODAY.com