Governor Bassey Otu Swears In 31 Commissioners – You Won’t Believe the Remarkable Challenge He Gave Them!

In a significant step towards progress, the Executive Governor of Cross River State, Senator Bassey Edet Otu, administered the oath of office to 31 newly appointed Commissioners earlier today. The ceremony, held at Dan Archibong Lodge, was marked by a call for unwavering diligence and a strong sense of responsibility in executing their duties.

With a mix of gender representation, the team of Commissioners comprises seven women and twenty-four men, summing up to a total of 31 members. Governor Otu, addressing the freshly sworn-in Commissioners, emphasized their pivotal role in propelling the state towards the next level of growth and development.

During his address, Governor Otu highlighted the weight of the responsibility that lies ahead, noting that many of those appointed are already established and credible individuals in their respective fields. He iterated that their shared purpose was to elevate Cross River State to new heights, building upon the foundation laid by Governor Ayade’s agro-industrial revolution.

“You are not just answering to me, but to God,” Governor Otu reminded the Commissioners, underlining the profound responsibility that comes with their positions. He urged them to be guided by a sense of duty, accountability, and commitment to the people they serve.

Governor Otu encouraged the newly appointed officials not to be deterred by challenges or criticisms, but to remain focused on their commitment to delivering what is right and beneficial for the people. He acknowledged that the journey might not always be met with immediate praise, but the impact of their dedicated service would eventually become evident over time.

The Governor’s passionate plea for the Commissioners to rise to the occasion and contribute to restoring Cross River State to its former glory was a call that resonated deeply. He urged them to embrace the transformational process, emphasizing that the direction of the state must shift for the better.

As the Commissioners take on their portfolios, they are poised to tackle the myriad challenges and expectations that come with their roles. Their individual and collective efforts are bound to shape the future trajectory of Cross River State, and their ability to navigate these challenges while staying true to their commitment will ultimately determine their legacy.

With this new chapter unfolding in Cross River State, it’s evident that Governor Otu’s charge for responsibility, diligence, and accountability has set the tone for a transformational era. The journey ahead is undoubtedly a challenging one, but with a united front and a firm dedication to serving the people, these Commissioners have the potential to make a lasting impact and elevate the state to new heights.