Governor Otu Assures Nigeria Navy of Support in Ensuring Maritime Safety

In a recent visit, the Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prince Bassey Otu, expressed his commitment to providing optimal cooperation and support to the Nigeria Navy in their mission to secure the country’s waterways. The assurance came during a courtesy visit by Rear Admiral O. K. Oluwagbire, the Flag Officer Commanding the Eastern Naval Command, in Calabar.

As a coastal state, Cross River is intricately connected to the Navy’s efforts in maintaining security. Governor Otu acknowledged the threats faced by the state’s waterways and commended the Navy for their ongoing commitment to ensuring safety.

He emphasized the importance of a secure environment for thriving businesses and affirmed the state’s partnership with the Navy to achieve the necessary safety measures.

Rear Admiral Oluwagbire, in turn, appreciated the governor’s support and pledged to continue providing the required security in Cross River State. He expressed the Navy’s dedication to collaborating with civil sectors to make the state one of the safest in the country.

The assurance from Governor Otu and the Navy’s commitment to maritime safety in Cross River State highlight the significance of strong partnerships in maintaining security and protecting the well-being of the people. With continued cooperation, the state aims to create a secure environment for its residents and promote economic growth.