Governor Otu Submits List of Commissioner Nominees for Consideration

In a significant step towards forming his cabinet, the Governor of Cross River State, Senator Bassey Otu, has forwarded a list of proposed commissioners to the State House of Assembly for consideration. The Governor’s action is in accordance with the constitutional requirement, as stated in the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), which mandates the submission of nominees for  Commissioners to the State Assembly.

The announcement was made by Governor Otu himself on his social media handle, expressing his excitement about taking this crucial step in the governance of the state. The transmission of the list to the State House of Assembly signals the Governor’s commitment to ensuring a well-functioning executive council that will work tirelessly for the betterment of Cross River State and its people.

The list, comprising names of individuals nominated for commissionership positions, is now in the hands of the State House of Assembly. The lawmakers will meticulously scrutinize the nominees’ qualifications, experience, and suitability for the roles to ensure that only the best candidates are appointed to serve in the State Executive Council.

In his statement, Governor Otu urged the members of the State House of Assembly to swiftly consider and confirm the nominees to facilitate the smooth functioning of the state’s governance machinery. The efficient formation of the cabinet is essential for effective governance and the execution of developmental policies and projects aimed at uplifting the lives of the citizens.

The Governor’s commitment to selecting capable and dedicated individuals for the commissioner positions reflects his determination to build a competent team that will steer the state towards progress and prosperity. The cabinet members will be expected to bring their expertise and experience to the table, contributing to the state’s growth and addressing the various challenges faced by the people of Cross River.

As the State House of Assembly begins the confirmation process, the citizens of Cross River State eagerly await the announcement of the successful commissioner nominees. Once confirmed, the commissioners will be entrusted with specific portfolios and responsibilities to tackle critical areas of governance, including infrastructure development, education, health, agriculture, and more.

Governor Otu’s step towards forming his cabinet signals a positive and proactive approach to governance, reflecting his dedication to serving the people of Cross River State diligently. With a well-qualified and committed team in place, the state can look forward to a period of progress and development under the leadership of Governor Otu.


1. Sen. Steven Odey

2. Mr. Mike odere

3. Dr. Justin beshel

4. Hon. Agenes Astu

5. Hon. Patrick Agbede

6. Hon. Robert A Ewa

7. Dr. Egbe Ayuk

8. Dr. Beatrice Igwe

9. Prince Eka William

10. Mr. Oden Ewa

11. Hon. Moses Osogi

12. Barr. Odum Ijom Ukam

13. Mrs Abigail Duke

14. Hon. Ankpo Pius

15. Hon. Lawrence Ita

16. Chief. Felix Idem

17. Pst. Ekpenyong Cobham

18. Ntufam Emmanuel Anum

19. Mrs Gladys Eutendala

20. Dr. Hippolatus Ogar Lukpata

21. Hon. Edema Erin

22. Barr. Mensah Bassey

23. Barr. Ededem Ani

24. Bishop Margret Ene Ita

25. Chief Francis Ekpenyong

26. Dr. Mathias Unimke Angioha.