Hamster Kombat TGE In July 2024

Hamster Kombat Token Launch Echoes Buzz Across P2E Crypto Sector, Here’s Everything

The Telegram based play to earn game Hamster Kombat has captured significant attention with its upcoming TGE in July, further accompanied by promised developments for users.

Hamster Kombat, a Telegram-based tap-to-earn game, has recently gained significant traction across the crypto realm. Soon after its inception, the P2E game boasted an enormous user base, marking a monumental stride.

Now, with the project’s plans for a token launch ahead, the P2E crypto sector is brimming with optimism. It’s worth noting that P2E cryptos have emerged as the current trend across the broader market, as also seen by the significant traction gained by Telegram-based Notcoin. Also, Telegram-based projects, in particular, have stolen the spotlight.

So, let’s take a closer look at Hamster Kombat’s recent advancements and future endeavors.

Hamster Kombat TGE In July

According to the Hamster Kombat official site, the TGE (Token Generation Event) and Token in-game utility launch are all set to take place in the coming month, July. Meanwhile, the project has undergone significant upgrades.

As per the community, a stockpile of upgrades happened in June, encompassing on-chain infrastructure development, wallet in-game implementation, and Web3 pre-listing quest. Further, since its inception in March 2024, the project has seen developments such as mining updates, integration of the TON wallet for the collection of coins before token launch, and many more.

In a post shared by the Hamster Kombat community on X recently, it was further pointed out that the project’s user base spiked to 200 million. These chronicles, emerging amid a P2E season, have sent tongues wagging across the market.

The Hamster Kombat site further promises features like ‘Squad Kombat, Characters and skins, Time limited events, and Live events, in Q3 2024. Additionally, the abovementioned TGE also glimmers hope for the P2E crypto sector, given Hamster Kombat’s colossal user base.

P2E Coins Market Performance

In tandem with Hamster Kombat’s recent buzz, the P2E sector’s market cap jumped 8.95% to $10.62 billion. Moreover, popular P2E cryptos, The Sandbox, FLOKI, and others, have noted considerable gains in recent days.

FLOKI’s weekly chart showed a 0.9% upswing and is currently trading at $0.0001706. The Sandbox (SAND) price soared 1.21% over the past week and is resting at $0.3353

Axie Infinity (AXS) price jumped 1.9% during the same duration to reach $6.08. Decentraland price (MANA) price gained 2.35% to $0.3392 in the past seven days.

Collectively, the price gains within the P2E sector, emerging in tandem with Hamster Kombat’s buzz, have garnered noteworthy attention.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that Notcoin, a Telegram-based game, also gained unprecedented popularity in recent days, sparking hope for the abovementioned game as well.