I make over N700k monthly but my family lives in poverty – 20-year-old crypto trader seeks advice

A 20-year-old crypto trader known as Clinton has revealed that he makes almost a million naira in a month but nobody in his family is aware.

The Nigeria man said that he comes from a poor background and does not want to tell any of them that he makes $1,000 (appoximately N775,000) every month.

Clinton is, however, concerned about the type of business he can start with about N6 million he’s been able to save at his age.

The young man took to social media to seek advice on the business he should venture into.

“20 year old boy here not a man yet lol. I mostly do crypto and currency arbitrage earn about 1K$ per month I’m from a Poor family I haven’t told anyone how much I earn.

Saved up 6m what physical business is suitable for someone my age with 6m. would rather not tell my folks nothing yet. Out of ideas here,” Clinton said.

Reacting, Twitter user @seriki001 said; Keep doing whatever you’re doing as far as it’s legit.

@amjustacommoner; Carry your money come make we go ball oo na one life man get

@shankar_ademola; All these boys that always say they’re into crypto are literally into fraud. Nothing wey anybody go tell me.

@Iamdaveydo; I think u should take business courses and read a lot of books to understudy ur strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for proper business management before venturing out.

@FaventM; Invest in mutual funds through a reputable broker for now. You see that business idea, driven solely by your own passion, would come to you soon. I wish you greater successes in future.

CrossRiverHub reported a similar story of a Nigerian techie simply known as Fred, who made an interesting revelation about the monthly earnings which nobody is aware about.

The man revealed in an online forum that he makes N10 million every month and he works remotely from home in a tech-related field.

He also disclosed that he lives with his parents in Ibadan, Oyo state but none of them know that he earns millions while under their roof.

Fred also expressed confusion about his next step, as he wondered if he should move to Lagos state or leave the country entirely.

He said; “I make like 10M naira monthly. I stay with my parents but no one knows how much I make. I want to make a move. Should I leave Ibadan and move to Lagos or I should leave Nigeria. I am confused. I work from home in the tech space.”