If A Woman Reveal These 9 Things To You, She Definitely Likes You

You have been seeing this beautiful girl, and the time you spent together was magical. While you are confident that she has feelings for you, you want to confirm it to make the next move. If you are looking for signs she loves you, we have got you covered.

1. She’s concerned about you

A person who loves you gets worried when you are in trouble. She will come forward to help you and cheer you up.If you notice her always on your side, especially when you need someone to talk to, then you can feel lucky. That’s one of the signs that she loves you deeply.

2. She Shows Signs Of Jealousy

If it is noticeable that her attitude is affected when you are around other women, she just might be jealous. If there is one clue which indicates that she is afraid of losing you and that you are important to her, this is it.

3. She Always Speaks Highly Of You.

If she honors you with her words it shows that she cares about your feelings. She will speak politely to you and also publicly protect your reputation because she cares and loves who you are. She will not slander or say mean things about you even when she is angry.

4. She Says The Magic Words

If you’re looking for the ultimate sign that a woman loves you, look no further than this. When she says the three magic words “I love you”.

5. She doesn’t send you “one word” responses when you initiate texting her

Whenever you text her, she doesn’t respond with words like “hey” or “fine.” If you notice one word responses and a “full-stop” after them — you might want to take a step back. If a girl is interested in you she will try to keep a texting conversation going.

6. She flirts with you.

One of the easiest ways to tell if this girl is into you like you are into her is to pay attention to her flirting. If you’re flirting together, you’re probably laughing and have fun. If she can’t help herself but laugh, then that’s a great sign.

7. She blushes when you come around.

The body does lie, so if you find her turning every shade of red when you are near her, that’s a good thing.

She might seem uncomfortable around you, but that’s not what’s really going on. What’s really going on is that her body is giving way her best kept secrets and she is trying to keep her feelings at bay.

8. You’re not “perfect” in her eyes

Does she see you for who you are? Does she accept all your flaws and faults? Loving you for who you really are is incredibly important.

9. She makes time for you.

Despite being super busy and never having time for anyone else, she always manages to make time to see you and spend time with you.