Use of English JAMB 2023 Possible Questions and Answers

Use of English JAMB 2023 Expected Questions and Answers compiled and published on this page for your success in Jamb examination

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduate students into Nigerian universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education.

The 2023 JAMB Use of English questions are set from JAMB English Language syllabus. So all the questions you will encounter in this year’s examination are in the syllabus, and nearly 97% of the questions are repeated.

We understand that you are about to sit for JAMB and English language is one of the compulsory subject you have to take. In this examination guide, you will have access to past JAMB Use of English that will help you have high score. Moreover you will see random repeated questions free of charge. We believe that this will help you better understand how JAMB set their questions and how you go answering them

Use of English JAMB Questions and Answers (No. 1 – 10)

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in each of the following sentences.

1. In the match against the Rangers team, the Enyimba boys turned out to be the dark horse.
A. played most brilliantly
B. played below their form
C. won unexpectedly
D. lost as expected

2. The leader in today’s issue of Punch Newspaper focuses on inflation.
A. president      B. headline
C. editorial        D. columnist

3. He spoke with his heart in his mouth.
A. courageously
B. with such unusual cowardice
C. with a lot of confusion in his speech
D. with fright and agitation

4. All his plans fell through.
A. failed
B. were accomplished
C. had to be reviewed
D. were rejected

5. He stared at her.
A. glanced    B. peeped
C. looked      D. gazed

6. As he was a gullible leader, his followers took advantage of him.
A. He was weak and unable to enforce his authority
B. He was partial and unfair in dispensing justice
C. He was simple minded to a fault
D. He was lacking in education and experience in every affairs

7. His summary of the lecture was brief and to the point.
A. careful       B. precise
C. accurate    D. exact

8. Do you have the same aversion as I do for home videos?
A. bitterness       B. dislike
C. criticism         D. indignation

9. I did not think she could be so easily taken in by his pretenses.
A. flattered        B. deceived
C. pregnated     D. overcome

10. The witness was guilty of swearing to a statement he knew to be false.
A. forgery     B. perjury
C. libel          D. slander

Answers to English Question Number 1 – 10

1.C    2.C    3.D    4.A    5.D
6.C    7.B    8.B    9.B    10.B

Use of English JAMB Questions and Answers (No. 11 – 20)

The following questions are based on the novel The Life Changer. Choose the correct answer from the list of options.

11. Who left the house immediately they won Money?
A. Dr. kabir   B. Gumuzu
C. Natasha    D. Hakimi

12. What did Lawal refer Salim’s online girlfriend as?
A. Gambler        B. Indian princess
C. roger             D. Labaran

13. Who was Tomiwa’s blind date?
A. Gumuzu      B. Natasha
C. Omar          D. Habib.

14. What did Omar score in JAMB?
A.240/100          B 25/300.
C. 230/400.        D. 200/400

15. Which of the following crimes was Talle not guilty of?
A. Killing                 B. Kidnapping
C. Armed robbery  D. Extortion.

16. How much did Dr. Kabir stake?
A. N200,000   B. N50, 000
C. 100,000      C. N300,000

17. What was Habib’s position in politics?
A. speaker of the house.
B. governor
C. senator
D. commissioner

18. Which of the following is not Salma’s room mate?
A. Tomiwa    B. Ngozi
C. Ada          D. Natasha

19. Who sang “The Gambler”?
A. Kenny Rogers  B. Gumuzu
C. Zaki                 D. Kartagi

20. What was the name of the thug sent after Kabir by Labaran?
A. Kartagi       B. Gumuzu
C. Zaki            D. Labaran

Answers to English Question Number 11 – 20

11.A    12.B    13. D    14.C   15.A
16.B    17.A    18.D     19.A   20.C

Use of English JAMB Questions and Answers (No. 21 – 30)

In each of questions 21 –  23, choose the word(s) that best complete the meaning in the sentence

21. We watched the woman as she stood up and … herself more comfortably.
A. reseated        C. reseat
B. resat              D. resitted

22. The students……the principal’s appeal for calm and took to the streets.
A. deferred       C. defied
B. differed         D. defined

23. The noise from the record seller’s workshop …on my ears.
A. jeers              B. jars
C. jams              D. jabs

In question 24 – 26, choose the option opposite in meaning to the word(s) in italics

24. The Military Governor upheld the decision of his cabinet.
A. Held up        B. Abolished
C. Reversed      D. Maintained

25. Chidi is naturally taciturn.
A. Friendly        D. Lively
B. Cheerful        E. Reserved
C. Dumb

26. James is a disco-addict. He takes his studies rather lightly.
A. Humorously       D. Carefully
B. Gloomily            E. Seriously
C. Tediously

In questions 27 – 29 choose the words or phrases which best fill(s) the gap(s)

27. There’s …. ventilation in this room; that’s why you don’t breathe well.
A. few         C. a few
B. little        D. a little

28. Whenever he puts the light on, someone …. to disturb him.
A. came           C. comes
B. has come    D. would come

29. It … be taken for repair after all; it’s working again.
A. couldn’t       C. mightn’t
B. shouldn’t     D. needn’t

In question 30 choose the word that has the same consonant sound as the one represented by the letter(s) underlined.

30. Chassis
A. Chip        C. Sharp
B. Cheat      D. Character

Answers to English Question Number 21 – 30

21.A     22.C    23.B     24.E    25.A
26.E     27.B     28.B     29.D    30.C

Use of English JAMB Questions and Answers (No.31 – 40)

In each of questions 31-40, fill the gap with the most appropriate option from the list following the gap.

31. Some smugglers have created a road diversion in order to … the new import duty.
A. circumflex        B. circumscribe
C. circumspect     D. circumvent

32. It happened that our dog is male but … are all females.
A. their’s       B. there’s
C. theirs’       D. theirs

33. We can use the telephone; the lines are all….
A. on        B. off
C. up        D. down

34. Ayayi cashed … our boy’s defensive error to score the equalizer.
A. on         B. in with
C. in on     D. in

35. I heard that Italy’s victory at the world cup ….…the radio.
A. in           B. on
C. over       D. from

36. He travels very often as if he does not know that a car runs … Petrol.
A. with        B. by
C. on           D. in

37. We were all delighted when the lady …… a bouncing baby boy.
A. delivered          B. brought forth
C. gave birth to    D. was delivered of

38. Although the problem was simple ……… students were able to solve it.
A. few          B. a few
C. a lot of    D. little

39. Some students … believed they can succeed in exams without working hard.
A. many a times        B. many at time
C. many a time         D. many at times

40. The defendant claimed that he had been … into making a statement.
A. coarced          B. coaxed
C. coarsed          D. coerced

Answers to English Question Number 31 – 40

31.D    32.D    33.A    34.C    35.B
36.C    37.D    38.A    39.C    40.D


Here are 40 English questions to expect in your 2023 JAMB Use of English Exam. Read again and again. Make sure you know each of them well so you can easily identify them at any time.