JUST IN: Russia Launches Large Scale Missile Attack, Emergency Air Raid Warning Issued Across Ukraine

Late Sunday evening, Iuliia Mendel, a spokeswoman for Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, announced that Russians are expected to carry out a “large-scale” attack across multiple Ukrainian regions, including Kyiv.
Mendel posted a video of air sirens going off, alerting Ukrainians about the “possibility of another large-scale russian attack.”

“Around 4 am. Sirens in Kyiv and in many regions of Ukraine. Authorities ask not to ignore the alert because of possibility of another large-scale russian attack,” Mendel wrote on Twitter.

Other social media users have reported Ukraine is preparing for a large-scale Russian missile attack. “A massive barrage of cruise & hypersonic missiles, one of the largest since the war broke out, is incoming from Russia towards Ukraine The missiles are expected to reach their targets imminently. Air sirens should start any minute,” Mario Nawfal posted on Twitter.

Nawfal told his nearly 450,ooo followers that this missile attack could include over 120 individual missiles.

The air raid eventually expanded to include the entirety of Ukraine, Insider Paper reported.

This story is developing. Stay tuned for any updates…