Latest Npower News on January, February, and March Stipend Payments Today 1st May 2023

NASIMS Announcement on Backlog Stipends Payment.

On this page, you may find information about the start and end dates, requirements, how to apply, and other pertinent details of NPower.

We have covered all the bases in this article on the Batch D Npower recruitment, the registration form, and the start and end dates.

Make sure to read all the way through since we have provided advice that will help you be successful in the 2023 Npower recruitment.

Introduction The Npower program initiated by the Nigerian government aims to provide job opportunities for young Nigerian graduates and non-graduates. The program is divided into two streams, and the latest NASIMS news update concerns the Stream 2 stipend payment and Batch C2. In this article, we will discuss the latest updates on Npower news today.

The management of NASIMS recently announced that there is no official date for the payment of Npower backlog stipends. The technical partners are still working on the payment to ensure seamless transaction. However, beneficiaries are encouraged to utilize the validation link while it lasts.

NASIMS News on January, February, and March Stipend Payments

The latest NASIMS news is that the January, February, and March stipend payments for Npower Batch C2 have not yet been initiated. Beneficiaries are advised to exercise patience as the payment will commence soon. However, the payment of stipends to non-graduate beneficiaries has started.

Npower Batch C2 Stream 1 January Stipend Payment The processing of the January stipend for Npower Batch C2 Stream 1 will commence soon, according to the NASIMS management. Beneficiaries are advised to stay updated by visiting reliable news websites like Ejes Gist News Nigeria.

Important Npower News You Might Have Missed In today’s Npower news update from,

The Npower program’s future and stipend payments are discussed. The Npower management has warned the public about fake websites advertising Npower 2023 recruitment, and there is no new update on the Nexit program for exited Npower batches A and B.

NASIMS Validation Closed, but Portal Still Open

The Nasims validation officially closed on March 31, 2023, but the Npower Nasims portal is still open for beneficiaries to validate their account.

NPower Payment Issues and Delay If beneficiaries encounter payment issues, they are advised to exercise patience as the payment will soon be credited to their account after successful validation using their NIN and BVN details.

Register in the Ongoing Registration of Jobless Persons in Nigeria

All Npower beneficiaries are encouraged to register in the ongoing registration of jobless persons in Nigeria to increase their chances of securing employment.

The Future of Npower Program The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs Ministry recently talked about the future of the Npower program in a press statement. Beneficiaries are encouraged to watch the video for more information.


These are the latest NASIMS news updates on Npower Stream 2 stipend payment and Batch C2. Beneficiaries are advised to exercise patience as payments will soon be made. Also, they should stay updated on the latest news by visiting reliable news websites like It is important to note that the Npower program is a great opportunity for Nigerian youths, and beneficiaries should take advantage of the program’s benefits.


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