Massive Flooding Looms As Cameroon Set To Open Lagdo Dam

NEMA Receives Alert of Impending Flooding Along River Benue, Urges Precautionary Measures

In a recent development, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has received a timely alert regarding a potential major flooding event on the banks of the River Benue. The alarm was raised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a formal letter dated August 21, drawing attention to the Cameroonian government’s plans to open the floodgates of the Lagdo Dam situated on the Benue River.

The letter, signed by Umar Salisu, the director of African affairs at the ministry, conveyed that the Cameroonian authorities intend to initiate the release of water from the Lagdo Dam in the coming days. The motive behind this move is to manage the water levels amidst heavy rainfall in the dam’s catchment area located in Northern Cameroon. To minimize potential harm, the Cameroonian authorities plan to discharge water in small, controlled quantities.

In response to this imminent threat, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has urged NEMA to swiftly adopt precautionary measures aimed at minimizing the prospective damage. The ministry’s letter emphasized the significance of proactive steps and actions to mitigate the adverse impacts of the released water. It also highlighted the necessity of sensitizing the populations residing in the regions vulnerable to flooding, ensuring that they remain vigilant and follow prescribed precautions.

In a conversation with NEMA’s spokesperson, Nonso Ezekiel, it was confirmed that NEMA is well-informed about the impending opening of the dam’s gates. Ezekiel stated that NEMA has already embarked on the task of raising awareness among communities situated along the River Benue. He elucidated that while the dam gates have not been opened yet, this preemptive measure is a routine practice. Exceeding the dam’s capacity could pose catastrophic consequences, including the potential breach of the dam itself.

Ezekiel’s reassurance echoed the plea for calm from the authorities. Residents of the regions susceptible to flooding have been advised to remain composed and adhere to the guidance issued by governmental agencies. This joint effort between NEMA and other concerned entities exemplifies the proactive stance taken to mitigate the possible damage caused by the released water.

As the impending opening of the Lagdo Dam’s floodgates draws nearer, it is evident that swift and coordinated action is paramount. The collaboration between nations, as well as the commitment of local authorities to keep citizens informed and prepared, underscores the significance of disaster preparedness and response. The situation stands as a testament to the ongoing dedication to safeguarding communities in the face of natural adversities.