Meet The World’s First ‘certified’ Electric Flying Car Approved By Us Government

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted special approval to a California-based company called Alef Aeronautics for its flying car, the Model A!

The vehicle, which costs around $300,000, is fully electric and designed to carry up to two occupants. The certification received from the FAA allows for recreational flying but prohibits commercial use, and Alef is limited in terms of locations and purposes for flying the car.

The company aims to start delivering the vehicles to customers by the end of 2025, and the Model A is being developed as a clean energy vehicle with a hydrogen option also being considered.

Alef’s Model A was the first vehicle of its kind to receive a Special Airworthiness Certification from the US Federal Aviation Administration. CEO Jim Dukhovny commented on the accomplishment, saying:

We’re excited to receive this certification from the FAA. It allows us to move closer to bringing people an environmentally friendly and faster commute, saving individuals and companies hours each week. This is a one small step for planes, one giant step for cars.