Mohbad: Soundcity, MTV Base Remove Naira Marley’s Songs from their Playlists

Controversies Surrounding Naira Marley Lead to Music Channels’ Bold Decision

In a significant and unprecedented move within the Nigerian music industry, two major music channels, Soundcity and MTV Base, have made a resolute decision to remove Naira Marley’s songs from their playlists. This decision has sent ripples through the music world and has ignited a broader conversation about the artist’s alleged connections to the tragic passing of Mohbad.

For those closely following the dynamics between Naira Marley and Mohbad, this recent development may not come as a complete shock. Mohbad, a former member of Naira Marley’s Marlian Records label, parted ways with the record label in 2022. Since their professional separation, tensions between the two artists have steadily escalated, leading to public disputes and controversies.

One of the most poignant incidents occurred in October of 2022 when Mohbad shared a live video that captured a distressing moment. In the video, Mohbad could be seen crying and hastily exiting a building in Chevron, Lekki. Following Mohbad’s tragic passing, attention inevitably turned toward Naira Marley.

Soundcity and MTV Base’s decision to remove Naira Marley’s songs from their playlists is a unified gesture of solidarity, prompted by the ongoing controversies and speculations. While the music channels have not explicitly outlined the reasons behind this move, it is evident that the cloud of controversy surrounding Naira Marley played a significant role in their decision-making process.

It’s worth noting that another prominent player in the music scene has also chosen to discontinue the playing of Naira Marley’s songs and has called upon other stations to follow suit. This collective action sends a powerful message: the music industry is no longer willing to turn a blind eye to controversies or alleged associations with tragic events.

In addition to the music channels’ stance, Naira Marley has recently witnessed a noticeable decline in his social media following. His follower count, which stood at 7.5 million at the time of Mohbad’s passing, has since decreased to 6.9 million.

The implications of this decision by Soundcity and MTV Base are far-reaching, raising questions about the role of the music industry in addressing controversies and holding artists accountable for their actions and associations. As the debate continues, Naira Marley’s career and reputation hang in the balance, leaving many to wonder what the future holds for this polarizing figure in Nigerian music.