NASIMS Initiates Long-Awaited Stipend Payments for Npower Batch C2 Beneficiaries

In a significant development, the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) has embarked on the disbursal of long-awaited stipend payments to beneficiaries of the Npower Batch C Stream 2 program. The move comes as a relief to countless individuals who have been eagerly anticipating their stipends.

Taking a crucial step towards more efficient and transparent management of the National Social Investment Programme (NSIP), NASIMS recently introduced its new Self-Service Portal (SSP) at This innovative platform not only streamlines services for beneficiaries but also facilitates seamless stipend payments through its advanced features.

One of the key advantages of the SSP Portal is that Npower beneficiaries can now receive their stipends simultaneously. This platform also provides real-time access to payment records and statuses, allowing beneficiaries to track their payments with ease. Payment statuses such as “processing,” “completed,” or “failed payments” are conveniently available within the beneficiaries’ NASIMS SSP profiles.

NASIMS has also taken proactive measures to address the backlog of outstanding stipend payments for the months of October, November, and December 2022. This initiative extends to the recently shortlisted Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries, particularly those who successfully completed the validation process in June and early July 2023.

It’s important to note that while beneficiaries can anticipate the prompt crediting of their bank accounts, the timing may vary due to the use of different banking institutions. Although payment initiation occurs simultaneously, processing times may differ, with an estimated maximum of 48 hours.

Patience is advised among beneficiaries to ensure a smooth disbursement process and minimize undue stress. To stay updated on the status of their stipend payments, beneficiaries are encouraged to closely monitor the new Self-Service Portal. This will empower them to stay informed about completed payments, payments in progress, or any potential payment issues. In case of any concerns, beneficiaries can lodge complaints through the NASIMS SSP Portal or verify information via official Npower social media channels.

With the implementation of the NASIMS Self-Service Portal and the ongoing efforts to clear stipend payment backlogs, beneficiaries of the Npower Batch C2 Stream 2 program can look forward to a more efficient and transparent experience, ensuring that they receive the financial support they rightfully deserve.