“No More N9k”: Transportation Companies Release New Price List for Inter-State Travels

Transportation companies have hiked their fares on various routes across Nigerian cities in response to the increase in petrol prices in the country.

Checks by Crossriverhub.ng show that some interstate fares have significantly increased to various parts of the country from Lagos.

On some routes, transport fares have jumped by over 100 per cent, and it is expected to get even worse, especially during the festive period.

Transport companies’ new price list
The prices are subject to change as they will depend heavily on the location of boarding the bus and also the transport company.

Some of the transport companies that have adjusted their prices are ABC transport, Chisco Transport, Ifesinachi Transport, GIG Motors among several others.

The Punch provided an insight into the changes since the removal of fuel subsidy.

Lagos to Ibadan

Before fuel hike (April): N1000 and N1500.

After the removal of the subsidy: N2500 to N3000.

Berger, Lagos to Abeokuta, Ogun State:

Before fuel hike (April): N1500 to N1800

After fuel hike: Up to N3500

Lagos to Bayelsa:

Before fuel hike (April): Around N7900 to N8000

After fuel hike: Over N23,000

Lagos to Enugu:

Before fuel hike: Around N9000

After fuel hike: N21,000

Lagos to Edo (Auchi, Akpakpava, Uselu, and Ekpoma):

Before fuel hike: N9,000

After fuel hike: N19,000

Port Harcourt to Lagos:

Before fuel hike: Around N9000

After fuel hike: N16,000 to N25,000

Lagos to Aba:

Before fuel hike (April): Around N10,000 for adults, N8,500 for children

After fuel hike: Over N19,000 for adults, N16,000 for children

Lagos to Abuja:

Before fuel hike: N11,000 for adults

After fuel hike: N21,000 or more