NPC Prepares for 2023 Census and Receives Support for Green Census Initiative

The National Population Commission (NPC) is diligently preparing for the upcoming 2023 population and housing census, despite the absence of an exact date for the census.

Recently, the Chairman of the NPC, Hon. Nasir Isa Kwarra, held a meeting at the commission’s headquarters in Abuja with a delegation from SDG Youth International. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and garner support for the Commission’s Green Census program, which aims to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into the census. Led by Ifeanyi Uzoh, the National Representative for Nigeria and African Representative, the delegation donated a 200kw Solar Energy System to assist in realizing this initiative.

In addition to the Green Census program, the NPC has been actively conducting census education programs. These programs serve to enlighten Nigerians about the forthcoming census in 2023. Various topics are covered, including the methodology and procedures involved in conducting the census, as well as how individuals can contribute to its successful implementation. Recognizing the significance of public participation, the NPC is committed to ensuring that Nigerians are well-informed about the census process.

Working in collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the NPC has successfully registered over 12 million children under the age of five, who are eligible for enumeration during the census. The birth registration program aims to provide these children with birth certificates, capturing important details such as their names and countries of origin. This initiative is particularly vital in states where registration rates are yet to be completed.

To facilitate the registration process, the NPC is actively recruiting temporary registrars at the community level and equipping them with the necessary registration materials. The Commission is partnering with local government leaders, traditional and religious leaders, and the community at large to emphasize the importance of birth registration. Through collective efforts, they seek to collect and analyze birth registration information at the local government and community levels, ultimately expanding the reach of birth registration nationwide.

In terms of the census enumeration process, the NPC announced that the training date for enumerators will be revealed in the near future. The agency has developed comprehensive programs for the recruitment, training, and deployment of 786,741 ad hoc workers across the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory to carry out the census in 2023. These workers include enumerators, supervisors, data quality assistants, field coordinators, and data quality managers. Teachers and professional staff have already been successfully recruited and trained, with training for accountants and supervisors at the local government level soon to commence.

The NPC remains steadfast in its commitment to conducting a successful and accurate census in 2023, and significant progress has been made in various aspects of the preparation process. As the nation eagerly awaits further updates, the NPC’s dedication and efforts set the stage for a comprehensive census that will provide valuable insights into Nigeria’s population and housing data.