NPC Provides Update for Ad-hoc Staff with Pending Status Issues Ahead of Training Exercise

The National Population Commission (NPC) has recently provided an update on the issue of ‘pending’ applications for its ongoing recruitment exercise.

According to the ICT personnel at the NPC headquarters in Abuja, applicants with pending issues are to report to the training venue, where a separate list will be provided for their approval.

The NPC is keen on working with applicants who will be physically present at the training, and this is why the approval process was put on hold. The NPC is waiting for the training day because they know that not all people who were approved will show up for the training. As a result, applicants with pending issues will be approved during the training.

The NPC has also emphasized that applicants can attend the training anywhere that is closer to their location. This provides more flexibility for applicants who may not be able to travel long distances to attend the training.

The NPC’s update is a positive development for applicants who have been anxiously waiting for their applications to be approved. By providing a clear roadmap for the approval process, the NPC has given hope to those who were previously uncertain about the status of their applications.

Overall, the NPC’s decision to approve pending applications during the training is a smart move that will ensure that only serious applicants are considered for the job. It also shows that the NPC is committed to ensuring that the recruitment exercise is transparent and fair to all applicants.


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