NPC Training Released Application for Enumerators and Supervisors to Use

National Population Commission:NPC Released Application for enumirators to use for 2023 census.

This app called Census Pad (Nigeria) must be used by all census workers in 2023. To download it, go to it
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Many people are aware that everything was on a computer during the 2005 census because there were no Android phones, but now signs show that everything is on a phone.

Therefore, this application is everything that will take place at the time of the census. However, even if a person uses it now on his or her phone, he or she will not be able to activate their profile until the authority in charge of this department allows people to use this application.

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Additionally, it will not be possible until the population census has begun, at which point people will be given the opportunity to activate their profile and begin working on it.

 Also, be careful if you download this application from Playstore because it may appear in a variety of colors; however, the application known as Census Pad (Nigeria) is the actual one that will be used when the census takes place.

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