Npower Latest News Today 18th April 2023 | Npower batch c stream 2 stipends payment Update Today

Are you looking for the latest npower news today on stream 2 stipends payment, and NASIMS News?

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NASIMS News Update: Payment Issues, Recruitment, Stipend Payment, and More.

  1. Payment Issues: Validation of Account Required If you are experiencing payment issues, but have successfully validated your account using your npower details (NIN, BVN), do not worry. The NASIMS management has assured beneficiaries that their backlog of stipends will soon be credited to their accounts.
  2. Recruitment: Beware of Fake Websites The NASIMS management has warned the public to ignore the fake Npower gov. Ng website that falsely advertises Npower 2023 recruitment. Beneficiaries should be aware that there is currently no recruitment of Npower volunteers going on.
  3. Stipend Payment: Commencement Dates The payment of January, February, and March stipends for Npower batch C2 beneficiaries will commence in due time. NASIMS management has also confirmed that the processing of January stipends for Npower beneficiaries will begin very soon.
  4. Npower Program Continues The Npower program will continue and recruit more Nigerians as the APC is still in power, according to the latest NASIMS news.
  5. Backlog Stipends: Crediting of Validated Accounts NASIMS management has assured beneficiaries that all validated accounts will be credited with their outstanding stipends, including September, October, and November backlog stipends.
  6. Stipend Payment: Account Validation Not Guarantee for Immediate Payment NASIMS management has stated that Npower batch C Stream 1 January stipend payment will commence very soon, and successful account validation does not guarantee immediate payment.
  7. Stipend Payment: Stream 2 Beneficiaries Paid NASIMS management has confirmed that all Npower batch C Stream 2 beneficiaries, except those with invalid account issues, have been paid their December stipends.
  8. Validation Portal Closure The NASIMS validation portal was disabled on March 31st. but Beneficiaries whose accounts have not been validated can still access the validition portal to validate and receive outstanding payments.
  9. Payment Procedure: Bank-by-Bank Across the 36 States From now on, all Npower payments will be made bank-by-bank across the 36 states, including the FCT, Abuja, according to NASIMS management.
  10. Non-Graduates Payment and Validation Exercise Non-graduates will be paid soon, and the ongoing BVN and account validation exercise is strictly for C2 beneficiaries only.
  11. Place of Primary Assignment (PPA) NASIMS management has warned that beneficiaries absent from their place of primary assignment (PPA) without official permission will be placed on payment hold for 45 days.

In summary, beneficiaries experiencing payment issues should ensure their accounts are validated. Recruitment is not ongoing, and stipend payments will commence soon.

The program will continue, and all validated accounts will receive their outstanding stipends.

The validation portal will be disabled soon, and payment will be made bank-by-bank across the 36 states.

Beneficiaries must ensure they are present at their place of primary assignment, and non-graduates will be paid soon.


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