Npower Stipend News Today 30th May 2023

Npower stipend payment newsNpower management has paid 55256 Npower beneficiaries via Npower Validation Link. In line with that, Npower Batch C Stream 2 applicants are advised to please validate their account because if you don’t have a validated account, it means you’re not officially recorded as a beneficiary.

FMHDS Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq Handover To Perm Sec Nasir Sani

In the latest Npower News, a significant development has taken place at the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development (FMHDS).

Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq has officially handed over the reins of the ministry to the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Nasir Sani Gwarzo, after three and a half years of dedicated service. This article highlights the key aspects of the handover ceremony and the minister’s accomplishments during her tenure.

Handover Ceremony to Perm Sec Nasir Sani

The handover ceremony took place at the 1st Nigerian International Humanitarian Summit hosted by the Ministry in Abuja. Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq formally handed over two booklets containing documents highlighting her service in the ministry. This gesture symbolized the transfer of responsibilities and marked the conclusion of her tenure.

In her remarks, the minister expressed her gratitude to the Permanent Secretary, directors, staff of the Ministry, and her office for their immense support throughout her tenure. She acknowledged their contributions in implementing various programs and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable individuals.

The Confusion Surrounding Npower Program and Nexit Scheme

The Npower program has played a significant role in empowering Nigerian youth through skill development and job opportunities. However, the recent confusion surrounding the program’s continuation and the Nexit scheme has left many beneficiaries in a state of bewilderment.

Let’s delve into the specific concerns raised by Batch C1 beneficiaries and the questions posed by exited beneficiaries from Batches A and B.

Current Status of Npower Beneficiaries

Npower beneficiaries are eagerly awaiting clear communication regarding the program’s future. Batch C1 beneficiaries, unsure about the completion of their program, seek official confirmation to put their doubts to rest.

Without a definitive announcement, they find themselves in a state of limbo, uncertain about the next steps in their professional journeys.

Concerns of NPower Batch C1 Beneficiaries

Batch C1 beneficiaries are growing increasingly frustrated due to the lack of information regarding the conclusion of their program.

They are earnestly seeking transparency and want Npower to address their concerns promptly. By providing an official announcement, Npower can alleviate the anxieties and uncertainties surrounding the fate of Batch C1 beneficiaries.

Questions Regarding Nexit Empowerment Opportunities for Batches A and B

On the other hand, exited Npower beneficiaries from Batches A and B have their own set of questions. They eagerly anticipate updates on the Nexit empowerment opportunities promised to them by the federal government.

These opportunities were designed to support their transition from the Npower program to other sustainable ventures. The beneficiaries are seeking clarity on the progress made in implementing these empowerment initiatives.

Update from Npower Management (Nasims)

To address the growing concerns among Npower beneficiaries, Nasims, the management body responsible for the program, has provided an update. The objective of this update is to dispel any doubts regarding pending payments and shed light on the functioning of the Federal Executive Council (

FEC). The update aims to ensure that beneficiaries feel reassured about the continuation of payments and the overall stability of the program during the transition period.

Clarification on Payment Concerns

Nasims has clarified that despite some states dissolving their State Executive Council (SEC) in preparation for the transition of power, the Federal Executive Council (FEC) remains intact.

This means that the key members of the FEC, including Honourable Minister Sadiya Umar Farouq, are still officially functional until further notice. As a result, Nasims assures beneficiaries that backlog payments to eligible individuals will continue without interruption.

This clarification should alleviate the concerns of beneficiaries who feared that pending stipends might be delayed or withheld due to the transition. Nasims recognizes the importance of timely payments to support the financial well-being of beneficiaries and emphasizes its commitment to fulfilling outstanding obligations.

Backlog Payments and Continuation of Payments

For Batch C beneficiaries who have not yet received their October, November, and December stipends, it is crucial to take prompt action. Nasims urges these beneficiaries to validate their accounts through the validation link provided.

Account validation is a necessary step to ensure accurate and efficient processing of payments. By validating their accounts, beneficiaries can expedite the resolution of any payment discrepancies and receive the outstanding stipends owed to them.

It is essential for Batch C beneficiaries to understand the urgency in validating their accounts. As the transition of power approaches, the sooner they validate their accounts, the better their chances of receiving the pending stipends before any potential administrative changes occur.

By promptly validating their accounts, beneficiaries demonstrate their commitment to fulfilling the necessary requirements and pave the way for the seamless continuation of payments.


In today’s latest Npower news, we have addressed the confusion and concerns surrounding the Npower program and the Nexit scheme.

We have provided an update from Npower management (Nasims) to clarify the status of payments and shed light on the functioning of the Federal Executive Council (FEC).

Nasims has assured beneficiaries that backlog payments will continue, and the validation of accounts is crucial for timely disbursement of stipends. By validating their accounts promptly, Batch C beneficiaries can ensure the smooth continuation of payments and avoid any unnecessary delays.