NSCDC Rescues Underaged Girls from Exploitative Motel Operation in Lagos and Ogun Border Region

In a commendable rescue operation, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) successfully extricated four underaged girls from a motel located at Totomu village, near the border of Lagos and Ogun states.

The swift action, conducted on August 11, 2023, was orchestrated by the Corps’ Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, which acted upon credible intelligence and meticulously executed a surveillance operation to uncover the unsettling exploitation taking place within the establishment.

Lagos Corps Commander, Usman Alfadarai, disclosed that the operation was a response to distressing reports indicating the motel’s involvement in the exploitation of young girls, subjecting them to both prostitution and child labor in exchange for rewards. The victims, aged between 15 and 17 years, were valiantly liberated from the premises, marking a significant step towards ending their harrowing ordeal.

During the meticulously planned operation, law enforcement officers also apprehended a female suspect who was allegedly complicit in the heinous activities. The arrested suspect and the rescued victims are now set to be handed over to the capable hands of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) for comprehensive investigation and necessary legal action.

In a parallel operation conducted on the same date, the Corps’ dedicated Patrol Team demonstrated unwavering vigilance as they effectively thwarted a nefarious attempt of vandalism at the Idimu location of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) pipelines.
The swift apprehension of the suspect responsible for the attempted act of sabotage exemplifies the Corps’ resolute commitment to safeguarding critical infrastructure.

Alfadarai reiterated that the arrested individual will be subjected to due legal process and presented before the court following the meticulous conclusion of the investigation. This resounding success underscores the NSCDC’s unwavering dedication to preserving law and order while ensuring the protection of vulnerable members of society.

The proactive and coordinated efforts displayed by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps in these operations serve as a testament to their unswerving commitment to upholding justice, safeguarding the rights of underaged individuals, and effectively countering criminal activities.

The partnership with NAPTIP further highlights the collaborative approach taken to address such pressing societal challenges.

As the rescued underaged girls take steps towards recovery and rehabilitation, this operation serves as a beacon of hope and an unwavering testament to the NSCDC’s tireless pursuit of a safer, more secure society for all.