NYCN Odukpani Chapter Extends Congratulatory Visit to CRIRS Chairman Prince Edwin Okon 

The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Odukpani Chapter, extended their warm congratulations to Prince Edwin Oliver Okon, the newly appointed Chairman of the Cross River Internal Revenue Service (CRIRS), through a formal courtesy visit.

The council’s visit on Tuesday underscored their support and endorsement of Prince Edwin Okon’s well-deserved elevation. As the Coordinator of the Youth Council, Comrade Bassey William, aptly put it, “Elevation is divinely orchestrated,” urging the Chairman to view this opportunity as a call to higher service.

During the meeting, Comrade Bassey William also highlighted Prince Edwin Okon’s notable role in the recently concluded General Election, underscoring his significance in the political landscape.

Mr. Benjamin Edet, the State Representative of the Council and a constituent of Prince Edwin Okon, expressed his gratitude for the appointment, noting the honor and privilege of serving the state in this capacity. With a strategic outlook, Mr. Edet encouraged the Chairman to leverage his extensive experience to enhance the state’s revenue generation. He also commended the State Governor for his discernment in selecting Prince Edwin Okon for the role.

Responding to the heartfelt gestures, Prince Edwin Okon conveyed his appreciation for the council’s visit. In a poignant address, he advised the youth to be global ambassadors, while steering clear of influences that could hinder their personal growth and development. Reiterating his commitment to the state’s progress, Prince Edwin Okon pledged his dedication to service and the betterment of society.

Comrade Akiba Ekpenyong, Secretary of the Council, drew attention to the challenges confronting the youth of Odukpani. These encompass issues such as unemployment, restiveness, and poverty. In a plea for consideration, he urged Prince Edwin Okon to address these pressing matters.

The event was attended by notable figures including Comrade Esu Anwakang, Representative of Odukpani Youth Parliament, and Comrade Nsa Charles, Speaker of Odukpani Youth Parliament. Their presence symbolized the collective importance of the occasion.

This gesture by the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Odukpani Chapter, serves as a commendable display of unity and support, resonating as a pledge of cooperation towards Prince Edwin Okon’s tenure.