People who drink this every day die earlier than others!

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One of the best-selling soft drinks in Nigeria is Coca Cola, which has been popular for a number of years. Although many people have stopped drinking soft drinks, there are still many people who consume this drink on a daily basis.

Many have switched to sugar-free soft drinks, but soft drinks are actually soft drinks even if they are sugar-free. Most of us probably know that water is the best and healthiest thing we can drink, but once in a while the temptation for a glass of soft drink can be too great.

Some people drink soda every day, while others only drink it once in a while. The question is how dangerous is it to drink soda, and does it matter if we drink a little bit of it every day?

Soft drinks have a shelf life of 1 to 2 years, but old soft drinks do not taste particularly good. Although it is not dangerous to drink soft drinks that have expired, the quality deteriorates over time.


This is what happens to your body if you drink soda every day

If you drink sugary soft drinks every day in addition to your usual diet, you can be pretty sure that your weight will increase. If you replace 8 glasses of water with soda instead, you’ll get as much as over 5,000 extra calories. Someone did an experiment and drank 10 glasses of soda every day for a month. The result? 10 extra kilos!

You increase the risk of heart problems considerably by drinking soda every day. As little as one extra glass of soda a day increases the risk of heart problems by as much as 20 percent!

Drinking a lot of soft drinks also increases the risk of asthma and COPD. Someone who smokes and also drinks soft drinks daily has a 6 percent greater risk of the diseases than someone who neither drinks soft drinks nor smokes.

Increases the risk of early death

According to, drinking soft drinks is linked to an increased risk of dying earlier than those who drink, for example, water. In a study where subjects drank more than two glasses of soft drink a day, they had a 17 percent higher risk of dying after 16 years than those who drank less than one glass of soft drink.

Both sugar-containing and sugar-free soft drinks are linked to a shorter life. Daily consumption of soft drinks also increases the risk of obesity, bad teeth and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that are important to us. Unfortunately, children have the largest daily intake of soft drinks and work should certainly be done here.

Equally bad results with both regular soft drinks and soft drinks

The fructose in soft drinks can lead to reduced insulin sensitivity, which in turn can lead to cardiovascular disease, regardless of whether you are overweight or not. Soft drinks can change the composition of the intestinal bacteria. These have an impact on health which can lead to obesity, inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.

Although it tastes good with an ice-cold soft drink, especially in the heat, water should be the preferred drink that you consume daily. In addition to the risk of early death and diseases related to drinking soft drinks, you should know that you also age faster by drinking a lot of soft drinks.

Stick to water! It is absolutely the best thing you can do for your body.