Personnel Audit to Reabsorb Staff at Obudu Mountain Resort, Says Cross River State Government

Governor Bassey Otu unveils plans to resolve labour grievances and restore iconic tourist destination

In a bid to address longstanding labour grievances and breathe new life into the iconic Obudu Mountain Resort, Governor Bassey Otu has announced the commencement of a comprehensive personnel audit within various government agencies. The governor’s visit to the resort, which has fallen into disrepair, served as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for restoration and revitalization.

During his visit, Governor Otu expressed deep concern over the current state of the Obudu Mountain Resort, highlighting its historical significance as one of Nigeria’s Seven Wonders. He emphasized the necessity of swiftly returning the resort to its former glory, complete with additional aesthetic enhancements.

Addressing the plight of former staff members and ongoing union disputes arising from salary non-payment, Governor Otu assured them that their concerns would be addressed once the personnel audit is finalized. The audit will serve as a crucial tool for determining the appropriate course of action, including the potential reabsorption of deserving personnel into the workforce.

“The Obudu Mountain Resort holds immense value, both culturally and economically, for our state,” Governor Otu stated. “We cannot let this vital piece of our heritage remain in ruins. It is our responsibility to restore it and ensure that the dedicated individuals who work here are not left behind. The completion of the personnel audit will allow us to make informed decisions regarding their future.”

Governor Otu’s administration is actively engaged in discussions with the federal government, seeking crucial partnerships to expedite the revival of the Obudu Mountain Resort. Furthermore, these collaborations extend to bolstering legacy projects initiated by former Governor Ben Ayade, such as the Obudu German Hospital, Canadian International School, and the Obudu Cargo Airport. Recognizing the interconnectedness of these projects, Governor Otu emphasized their role as catalysts for the resort’s overall success.

The ambitious plans outlined by Governor Otu indicate a promising future for the Obudu Mountain Resort and the tourism industry in Cross River State. The completion of the personnel audit, coupled with the commitment to resolving labour grievances, is a significant step towards revitalizing the resort’s reputation as a premier tourist destination within Nigeria.

The restoration efforts, combined with potential federal government partnerships, are expected to inject new life into the local economy and solidify Cross River State’s position on the tourism map. As Governor Otu’s administration sets its sights on breathing new life into the Obudu Mountain Resort, the hopes of both residents and tourists alike are buoyed by the prospects of a thriving and enchanting destination once again.

With Governor Bassey Otu at the helm, Cross River State is poised to reclaim its position as a vibrant and sought-after tourist hub, drawing visitors from far and wide to experience the natural splendor and cultural heritage of the Obudu Mountain Resort.