Petrol Tanker Accident in Calabar Causes Chaos as People Risk Their Lives Scooping Fuel (Video)

Petrol Tanker Accident in Calabar Sparks Safety Concerns as People Scoop Fuel Amidst Danger

A harrowing incident unfolded at the Parliamentary Extension area in Calabar when a petrol tanker overturned, spilling its contents and creating a perilous situation for residents. In the face of the accident, some locals were seen scooping fuel, raising serious safety concerns and prompting urgent calls for the intervention of security agencies.

Eyewitness who captured the shocking scene on his mobile phone shared video depicting the overturned tanker gushing fuel onto the road. The accident site is located just by the Flyover at Parliamentary Extension.

The video footage showed a chaotic scene with people dangerously close to the fuel spillage, using jerrycans and other containers to scoop the flammable liquid. The act of fuel scooping, however, poses an imminent risk of fire outbreaks and explosions, putting the lives of those involved and nearby residents at great peril.

Petrol tanker accident at parliamentary extension, Calabar.

People are scooping fuel in the face of danger.

Posted by Agba Jalingo on Thursday, July 27, 2023

One of the witnesses at the scene, expressed his deep concern, saying, “It’s a disaster waiting to happen. We need the security agencies to act fast before it turns into a sorry situation. People are risking their lives to scoop fuel, and we cannot let this continue.”

The dangers of fuel tanker accidents are well-known, and such incidents have resulted in numerous tragedies in the past. The spillage of highly flammable fuel on the road poses a grave risk to public safety, and the act of scooping fuel only exacerbates the danger.

As the situation unfolds, the focus remains on ensuring the safety and well-being of the road users in the affected area. Further updates will be provided as the authorities work to manage and resolve this critical situation.