Police Rescue Robber After Mob Set Him On Fire For Snatching Phone (photos)

Warri, Delta State – In a heart-stopping incident on Enerhen Road, just outside Edewor Plaza, local residents of Warri took the law into their own hands when they apprehended an armed robber who had violently snatched a woman’s phone and handbag, callously pushing her out of a tricycle. The incident occurred on Airport Road, leaving the victim, an elderly woman, traumatized but miraculously unharmed.

The unidentified robber had earned a notorious reputation for creating disturbances in Warri and its surroundings, according to eyewitnesses. On this fateful day, he targeted the defenseless woman, committing the brazen act that would soon lead to his capture.

Eyewitnesses recounted the horrifying moment when the thief attempted to make his escape after the robbery. Brave bystanders decided to take action, pursuing the criminal through the busy streets of Warri. Their determination to bring him to justice was evident as they closed in on the suspect.

However, the situation took a perilous turn as the crowd began to grow agitated. In a shocking twist, some members of the mob resorted to a form of jungle justice, setting the apprehended robber on fire. The chaotic scene on Enerhen Road was a testament to the desperation and anger of the local residents who had had enough of the suspect’s criminal activities.

Fortunately, before the situation could escalate further, the Delta State Police Force arrived at the scene, responding to distress calls from concerned citizens. Their swift intervention not only saved the life of the alleged thief but also prevented an escalating act of violence.

The police officers promptly extinguished the flames and apprehended the severely burnt suspect. Despite his injuries, the suspect was placed under police custody, where he will face due process and legal consequences for his alleged crimes.

The elderly woman who was the victim of this brazen robbery attempt was left shaken but ultimately unharmed, thanks to the swift action of bystanders who rushed to her aid.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding the rule of law and allowing the judicial system to dispense justice. While the frustration and anger of the community are understandable, resorting to mob justice only perpetuates a cycle of violence. The Delta State Police Force’s timely response undoubtedly prevented a tragic outcome, and the suspect will now have his day in court to answer for his alleged crimes.