President Tinubu Commits to Supporting Google in Creating One Million Digital Jobs in Nigeria

In a bid to boost Nigeria’s digital economy and empower its youth, President Bola Tinubu has expressed the Federal Government’s willingness to support global tech giant, Google Incorporated, in creating one million digital jobs in the country. The President made this commitment during a visit by Google Global Vice President, Mr. Richard Gingras, to the State House on Friday evening.

President Tinubu acknowledged the creative and talented young people in Nigeria, highlighting their readiness to learn and excel in the age of Artificial Intelligence. He emphasized that Google’s capabilities and tools are essential in fostering the growth and success of the country’s youth in the digital space.

“I am glad that Google is ready to partner with us. You have answered our call on digital innovation and to help our youths. You are supporting our efforts to promote digital economy. We are ready to work with you on your commitment to create 1 million digital jobs in Nigeria,” President Tinubu stated.

Mr. Gingras, in his address, expressed admiration for the creativity and talent displayed by young Nigerians in embracing technology and digital tools to expand access to information and promote democracy. He emphasized Google’s interest in Nigeria and pledged the organization’s support to the Federal Government.

Google’s capabilities in Artificial Intelligence and other digital innovations were highlighted by Mr. Gingras, who pointed out how these tools empower young people to become digital entrepreneurs. He also mentioned the landing of Google’s subsea cable, Equiano, named after Nigerian slave abolitionist, in Nigeria in April 2022, which significantly impacts future internet connectivity demands.

Moreover, Google aims to help secure Nigeria in the face of disinformation and fake news, pledging to continue its partnership with the Nigerian government. “Google has deep interest in Nigeria. We want to support the government’s efforts to create 1 million digital jobs. We have all the tools and capabilities to make this happen. We will also help to secure Nigeria, and we have discussed that with your National Security Adviser,” said Mr. Gingras.

The visit by Google’s Global Vice President signifies the tech giant’s commitment to exploring opportunities and collaboration in Nigeria’s digital landscape. With the President’s assurance of full support, the partnership between the Federal Government and Google holds the potential to revolutionize the digital economy and create a positive impact on the nation’s youth.

As the Nigerian government embarks on economic reforms and digital innovation, the collaboration with Google presents a promising pathway to address unemployment challenges and promote growth in the country’s digital ecosystem. The tech giant’s dedication to supporting Nigeria’s programs and expanding its digital economy aligns with the nation’s vision for a thriving digital future.

As the government and Google continue their dialogue, stakeholders eagerly anticipate the implementation of initiatives aimed at creating opportunities, nurturing digital talents, and securing a prosperous future for Nigeria’s dynamic and innovative youth.