President Tinubu Finally Speaks on Npower Stipend from January to May, Today 14th June 2023

The latest Npower news for today and Npower Stipend Payment and Nasims News for Npower Batch C2, n power news today on the payment of January, February, March, April and May stipends, today June 14th, 2023.

Stay updated with the latest NPower news on June 14th, 2023. Get insights on stipend payment updates, outstanding payments, and changes in the program. Stay informed about the progress and developments in the NPower program.

Today’s latest news regarding NPower on June 14th, 2023 brings positive updates on the payment of stipends to beneficiaries. Despite the transition to a new administration, the previous management of NPower took proactive measures to authorize pending stipend payments before their departure. Currently, these payments are being processed and are on schedule for disbursement, showing promising progress

Today the NSIP office in CRS received members of the NSIP financing unit from the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Service, Disaster Management, and Social Development. We had the opportunity to inform and relate the challenges and setbacks beneficiaries of the programs have suffered and still experiencing in the state.

NSIP office in CRS received members of the NSIP financing unit from the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Service, Disaster Management, and Social Development.

On their part, they reechoed the commitment of the FG to pay all the outstanding backlogs of beneficiaries and also appreciated the sacrifice of beneficiaries who despite the irregular payment of stipends have continuously sacrificed in the discharge of their duties. SB-

Considering the recent change in government, the NPower program may not have received as much attention as before. However, we believe that the new administration is actively engaged in devising innovative ideas and strategies to improve and enhance the NPower program. During the transition period, changes and adjustments are expected, and it is likely that the new administration is carefully reviewing the existing framework to make the program even more effective and beneficial for the beneficiaries.

Given the current circumstances, it is important for NPower beneficiaries to remain calm and patient. While there may not be immediate updates or announcements regarding the program, it is crucial to trust that the new administration is diligently working behind the scenes to address any issues and introduce positive changes. Comprehensive updates on the plans and initiatives being developed by the new administration for the benefit of the beneficiaries will be provided in due time.

Regarding the stipend payments for Batch C2 beneficiaries for the months of January to May, the payment process has not begun yet. The payment of these stipends will start after the completion of the backlog payments for Batch C2, which include October, November, and December 2022. It is essential to clear these backlogs to ensure a fair and uniform payment process for all Batch C2 beneficiaries. Any news claiming that the payment of the January to May stipends has started is false. The payment will commence in due course, following the completion of the backlog payments.

Please note that the payment status will no longer be updated on your NASIMS profile. This change is due to the shift of NPower beneficiaries’ stipend payments to a new platform. To track your stipend payment, we advise you to regularly check your bank account balance, which will help you determine which backlog payments have been made and which ones are still pending.

The process of clearing outstanding stipend payments is currently underway. If you are expecting an outstanding stipend payment, we recommend checking your bank account balance regularly to stay updated on the progress.

In conclusion, the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) is actively addressing the issues related to outstanding stipend payments for NPower beneficiaries. Batch C1 beneficiaries will not receive a December stipend but have been granted a three-month payment as a gesture of goodwill.

Batch C2 beneficiaries can expect the payment of their January to May stipends after the completion of backlog payments. Monitoring your bank account balance for payment updates is crucial, as the payment status display has been shifted to a new platform