Re: CRS Guber Election 2023: Between Onor and Otu who has Shown more Capacity?

My attention has been drawn to a write up with the above caption.

The writer is without doubt a supporter of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP governorship candidate.

He clearly belaboured himself in an unsuccessful effort to depict what he sees as a show of capacity and competence by Senator Sandy Onor over Senator Prince Bassey Otu.

Senator Prince Bassey Otu is the Governorship candidate of the APC in the 2023 elections, set to hold on March 11th. 2023, Just a few days away.

Senator Otu would not engage in self-praise for the numerous kindness and goodwill he has shown and shared with many. He is humble in his recognition that all glory goes to God for the grace and provisions upon his life.

Suffice it to say that it is his show of philanthropy and approach in the discharge of the constituency projects as a National Assembly member that earned him the name; “Sweet Prince”.

That name has become a household name on the lips of people across the length and breath of the State.

It is on record that Sweet Prince Bassey Otu as a serving Senator embarked on empowerment programs that still remain an unbroken record, many years after.

As a member of the House of Representatives for two tenures and a Senator for a single term, his record of Parliamentary contributions, legislative oversight functions as well as Parliamentary committee assignments remain a reference in Democratic gains.
You dare not challenge Senator Prince Otu to a contest of score card of philanthropy to members of his immediate constituency and beyond!

His campaign for Governorship in this 2023 election cycle has been anchored on his competence, capacity and the need for justice and fair play, captured under the Back-to-South agitation.

The agitation of Back-to-South is not an ethnic based endeavor. It is simply the right call with values that discerning minds across political lines have accepted.

The PDP instead breached the gentleman accord of rotation in governorship position, by the selfish ambition of Sandy Onor. His ambition is fast evaporating as it cannot overshadow the value of the Back-to-South agitation.

If anyone has brought ethnicity to bear in the Governorship campaigns, it is the PDP governorship candidate who has openly whipped up the ethnic argument of being of Ejagham ethnic bloc in the Central Senatorial district; and attempting to instigate the Ejagham people in the Southern district to pickup issues with other ethnic blocs in the south who over the years have co-existed peacefully with them.

If the PDP candidate loves the Ejagham people of the Southern district, why did he not give them chance to emerged when one of their sons presented himself during the PDP primary elections?

He can’t hide his face with one finger and be talking about Back-to-South agitation as an ethnic card when himself is dressed as one who is defending Ejagham people of the southern district.

We are growing our polity beyond these ethnic paradigm.

If there is a measure to assess capacity and competence in the political space, it is the election result in your immediate constituency and the general acceptance by your people.

The so called capacity PDP candidate lost election in his polling unit during the February 25th Presidential and National Assembly elections.

The so called capacity PDP candidate has been rejected by his people who are right thinking enough to accept the principles rotation in the state Governorship office as the best option for Peace, equity and fairness in the State.

In a recent campaign visit to the Palace of the Paramount Ruler of Etung local government area, where Senator Sandy Onor hails from, Senator Prince Bassey Otu, the APC candidate got the full blessings of the Etung traditional institution and the Paramount Ruler did not hesitate when he openly declared that they believe in the principles of rotation and that the competence of Senator Prince Bassey Otu is even an additional reason to cement their decision to support him.

Indeed there’s no need to dissipate energy in defence of the truth that Sweet-Prince Bassey Otu has the undoubted capacity and competence for the Office of the Governor which he seeks the mandate of the people for.

He has publicly documented and presented his manifesto, tagged, “People First”
He will remain focused on the ultimate goal of getting the legitimate mandate to offer service and expand the gains of democracy which our fore bearers in that office up to the present administration has put in place.

A Vote for prince Otu is a Vote a season of sweetness in Cross River,a Vote for Prince Otu is a Vote a peaceful and prosporous Cross River State…………….

Barr.Ekpenyong Akiba
Media aid to Senator Prince Bassey Otu