Scholarships in Canada for Students Nationwide 2023

Scholarships in Canada for international  Students Without IELTS: Studying in Canada can be a very exciting and rewarding experience for international students who are passionate about advancing their educational careers.

This is because Canadian universities are known for their academic and research excellence as well as their accommodating nature for  students irrespective of their various backgrounds.

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However, some international students may be faced with the challenge of sitting for and passing the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination.

IELTS is an international standardized test of English language proficiency for non-native English language speakers. It is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP.

If you fall into such category of international student, never to worry as there are institutions and schools you would apply for admission without having to write the IELTS.

Here is a list of scholarships in Canada for students without IELTS.

Scholarships in Canada for International Students without IELTS

McGill University Scholarship

McGill University is one of the famous university in Canada with research and academic excellence. The university has provisions for international students without IELTS if such student’s mother tongue (language first learned and still used on a daily basis) is English. If such a student has obtained (or is about to obtain) an undergraduate or graduate degree from a recognized institution where English is the language of instruction. Also, if such student has lived and attended university, or been employed, for at least four consecutive years, in a country where English is the acknowledge primary language.

University of Waterloo Scholarship in Canada 

Waterloo University is highly respected inà Canada and is ranked 9th. It is a great option for international students looking for a prestigious university.

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University of Alberta Scholarship

The University of Alberta is among the top 5 Canadian university located in Edmonton, Alberta, and home to 40,000 students in a wide variety of programs. The University also boast of lucrative scholarships and funding options available to international students. University of Alberta has made provisions for international students without IELTS to be admitted into their programs with the following options:

  • Previous education in English as recognized by the University of Alberta.
  • Complete the U of A’s Bridging Program.
  • Complete certain courses that have been approved by University of Alberta and achieving a certain minimum grade in that course.
  • Complete a test of English Language Proficiency and earn the minimum score required by the University.

University of Ottawa Scholarship 

The University of Ottawa is offering a verity of scholarships for; undergraduate, masters, Ph.D., micro-programs, short programs and graduate diplomas. This university has the highest number of scholarships for international & Canadian students.

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Carleton University Scholarship

University’s scholarship and bursary programs are among the best in Canada. Last year more than 14,700 students were awarded with these opportunities.

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University of Montreal Scholarships

With its roots in Montreal and its eyes on the international horizon, the Université de Montréal (UdeM) is one of the world’s leading research universities. UdeM also offers world-class education in all fields of study and places great emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. Here, you have everything you need for an enriching international experience that will open you to new horizons. The requirements for study in the University includes a Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ), a study permit and in some cases, a visitor visa from the Government of Canada. The University has several scholarships to support international students in their academic pursuits. For example, the UdeM exemption scholarship program is designed to support international candidates in their university studies.

University of Toronto Scholarship 

The University of Toronto is offering 4,400 scholarships provided by the staff, university and faculty.

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University of Toronto Scholarships

University of Toronto is Canada’s top university with a long history of challenging the impossible and transforming society through the ingenuity and resolve of its faculty, students, alumni and supporters. University of Toronto has provided conditions for students who do not have a proof of English Language proficiency. This is one of the big universities that provides scholarships in Canada without IELTS.

If English is not your first language (i.e. is not the first language you learned at home as a child), you will need to provide evidence of adequate English facility for admission consideration, unless you qualify for an exemption.

You may qualify for an exemption from the English facility requirement if one of the following applies to you:

  • You have completed/are completing four or more years of full-time academic study in a recognized Canadian school (in Canada) that teaches in English
  • You have completed/are completing four or more years of full-time academic study in an English language school located in a country where the dominant language is English
  • Your first language is French and you have completed four or more years of full-time academic study at a Canadian school.

McMaster University Scholarship 

McMaster or Mac is a renowned public research university based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Choosing this university is the perfect step towards a bright future. MCMASTER warmly welcomes international students to come and study.

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Canada 2023 Scholarship Montreal University

The Université de Montréal is offering scholarships for undergraduate, masters, doctorate, and postdoctoral fellowships. Currently ranked number 4 in Canada and 73rd in the world. Apply now for your chance to study at a top-ranked institution.

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University of Waterloo Scholarships

University of Waterloo, Canada is known for its interest in supporting innovation to solve problems on a global scale. Located on the Haldimand Tract, the University is home to more than 42,000+ students with a global network spanning more than 220,000 alumni in 151 countries. Waterloo is #1 in Canada for experiential learning and employer-student connections. The University provides several scholarship opportunities for international students. The following exemptions are provided for students not having IELTS or other English Language proficiency certificates:

  1. You have completed three or more years of post-secondary education or completed a graduate degree in an exempt country. or
  2. You have been employed for at least three years in a position in which English was the language of business in an exempt country. or
  3. You have completed three or more years of post-secondary education, or completed a graduate degree at a university where English is listed as the only language of instruction on the International Association of Universities World Higher Education Database (WHED).

University of Alberta Scholarship 

The University of Alberta scholarships program is now open to interested students. It comes among the top 5 universities in Canada to provide full scholarships for international students to study master’s programs and Ph.D. degree programs.

The University offers a wide range of options; over 200 undergraduate programs, more than 500 graduate programs, 250 specializations, and 300 research areas to choose from.

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Queen’s University Scholarships

Queen’s University is home to thousands of international students studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degrees in Canada. The University provides funding resources to international students with excellent academic credentials. International students without IELTS are to take advantage of this opportunity and be trained in one of the reputable universities in Canada as the following exemptions have been made:

  • Students who have lived in a country where English is the acknowledged primary language for the most recent three years prior to beginning their university studies or
  • Students who attended an education institution full-time where the medium of instruction is English for the most recent three years prior to beginning their university studies

University of Saskatchewan Scholarship 

The University of Saskatchewan is offering scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. This university is currently ranked 13-18 in Canada. So don’t miss this opportunity to study at a prestigious university and apply now link given below:

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University of the Winnipeg Scholarship 

The University of Winnipeg Offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Take the first step towards your future and apply now.

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As an international student passionate about studying in a Canadian university, IELTS test score should not be a barrier or setback for you not to apply for studies in Canada as there are several options available for those without IELTS certification.

Therefore, go ahead and apply for admissions into Canadian Universities that provide exemptions that you meet as part of their requirements.

If you’re considering studying abroad, Canada should be at the top of your list. Known for its stunning natural beauty and top-notch education system. This country have some of the best universities in the world.

Additionally, many Canadian universities offer co-operative education and internship programs, giving students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience while completing their studies.

So, if you want to get a world-class education in a beautiful setting, Canada is the place to be.