Soccer Superstar Lionel Messi Protected by Bodyguard in MLS Debut

In a thrilling match between LAFC and Inter Miami, a field invader attempted to reach Lionel Messi during the second half at BMO Stadium on Sunday night. However, Messi’s personal bodyguard, Yassine Chueko, sprang into action and swiftly tackled the fan from behind when contact was made with the newest MLS superstar.

As the incident unfolded, Messi, aged 36, patiently stood in the middle of the field while his vigilant bodyguard ensured his safety. Two security guards from the stadium also intervened to neutralize the invader, restoring order and protecting the players.

Chueko gained widespread attention last month when fans noticed his unwavering commitment to guarding Messi throughout the entire match. He constantly paces along the sideline, keeping a keen eye on Messi’s every movement, prepared for precisely these kinds of situations.

The arrival of Messi, a football icon, in the MLS has generated immense excitement across the country, prompting fans to seek moments of connection and embrace with their hero at every opportunity.

Following the conclusion of the match, Messi took the time to interact with Owen Wilson and his family. The soccer superstar signed autographs for the actor’s children. Ever watchful, Chueko positioned himself beside Messi, even extending his arm to create a barrier between the enthusiastic children and their idol, ensuring they maintained a respectful distance.

Even Wilson had to intervene, urging his children to cease their aggressive attempts to get closer to Messi. Their excitement was understandable, but boundaries had to be respected.

The presence of A-list celebrities added to the glamour of the event. Aside from Wilson, who was in attendance with his family, Selena Gomez and Prince Harry were among the notable personalities enjoying the match and witnessing Messi’s team secure a 3-1 victory