Tanker crushed woman and child to dead in Calabar

A diesel truck as of 6am Wednesday morning 1st of march 2023 crush a woman instantly to dead while driving on a one way road along the Murtala Mohammed Highway Extension in Calabarby (Greenland School immediately after Welcome to Calabar) in Calabar.

The truck driver who drove in a wrong lane crush the woman who had cross the road unknown to her that the was an incoming truck on the lane she had cross to.

The woman who was with her daughter was heading to church according to witness. The truck crushed her beyond recognition, though people who witness the scene had rush the daughter to the hospital, they confirm the daughter had a deep cut from the anus, thus praying she survives.

The truck driver as of the time of this report was no way to be found. Observers reported that he had gone to report himself to the police.

Angry youth decided to gather themselves to burn down the truck but quick intervention of the police safe the day which would have been a choas, since the Murtala Mohammed Highway is the one of the only roads that leads to the heart of Calabar.