The MLB Trade Deadline: Top Players Available for Contenders

The MLB trade deadline is approaching, and teams are making moves to strengthen their rosters for a playoff push. According to a report by, the market is currently favoring sellers, but there are still plenty of options available for teams looking to add talent down the stretch.

Options for Buyers

The Texas Rangers have already made significant acquisitions, adding Max Scherzer, Jordan Montgomery, and Aroldis Chapman to their roster. The Los Angeles Angels are also bolstering their ranks in preparation for a potential playoff run, while the Los Angeles Dodgers have made some pitching additions of their own.

However, there are still other players available on the trade market for teams looking to make moves. The New York Mets are currently in a seller’s position, and the Detroit Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals both have key players who could fill needs on contending teams.

Remaining Dominoes

The MLB trade deadline is set for August 1, and there are still questions about which teams will continue to be aggressive, which teams are content with their current roster, and which teams will decide to sell off some of their rental deals.

According to a report by, the top players available following the recent Jeimer Candelario trade include:

  1. Justin Verlander – New York Mets Despite the Mets’ disappointing season, Verlander has been performing exceptionally well. With a 2.38 ERA in June and July, Verlander would be a valuable addition to any contender’s rotation. However, his high salary and no-trade clause may pose hurdles for potential suitors. The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros have been linked to Verlander, but the Dodgers’ prospect pool may make them a more appealing trade partner.
  2. Eduardo Rodriguez – Detroit Tigers After missing a significant portion of the 2022 season, Rodriguez has returned strong for the Tigers in 2023. With a 2.95 ERA and excellent control, Rodriguez would be a valuable addition to most rotations. However, his contract is complicated, and the Tigers have placed a high price tag on him, making the acquisition challenging.
  3. Michael Lorenzen – Detroit Tigers Lorenzen, the Tigers’ lone All-Star representative this season, may not have eye-popping stats, but he could be a useful middle-of-the-rotation rental for a team. With a lower price tag than Rodriguez, Lorenzen could be a good option for teams willing to spend but not willing to part with top prospects.
  4. Paul DeJong – St. Louis Cardinals As the Cardinals continue to sell, DeJong’s name has emerged as a potential trade piece. With a lack of available infield talent, DeJong could attract interest from teams in need. The San Francisco Giants and Miami Marlins are possible suitors for DeJong, given their preferences for contact bats.
  5. Teoscar Hernandez – Seattle Mariners While the Mariners are not giving up on the season, Hernandez may be available for trade as the team aims to improve their roster. With 16 home runs, Hernandez offers power potential, but his high strikeout rate and low batting average may deter some teams. However, for a team in need of a power bat, Hernandez could be a solid option.
  6. Tommy Pham – New York Mets Pham has unexpectedly become an appealing trade piece for the Mets. With a .268 average and 10 home runs, Pham could provide value to a team in need of outfield depth. As the Mets have already signaled their intention to sell, they may have control over the trade price in a bidding war.
  7. Jack Flaherty – St. Louis Cardinals Flaherty may have struggled this season, but teams see potential in his ability to miss bats. Adding Flaherty to a rotation could provide a boost for contending teams. While his cost may be relatively low, the Cardinals will likely require a return that reflects Flaherty’s potential upside.
  8. Scott Barlow – Kansas City Royals Teams always look for bullpen help, and Barlow could be a valuable addition despite his struggles this year. With good velocity and the ability to generate swings and misses, Barlow’s high walk rate may be a concern for some teams. However, his remaining year of team control makes him an attractive option for clubs like the Los Angeles Dodgers or Baltimore Orioles.

Key Takeaway

The MLB trade deadline is shaping up to be a seller’s market, but there are still notable players available for teams looking to bolster their rosters. Justin Verlander, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Teoscar Hernandez are among the top players who could make an impact for contenders. The Mets, Tigers, and Cardinals are the teams with the most trade assets to offer.

Facts about the MLB Trade Deadline:

  • The trade deadline is set for August 1.
  • Teams are actively looking to buy or sell players to improve their chances of making the playoffs.
  • The market favors sellers, but there are still valuable assets available for teams looking to add talent.
  • The Mets, Tigers, and Cardinals are among the teams with players available for trade.
  • Teams are evaluating the cost, contract status, and potential impact of available players before making trade decisions.