The Season of Sweetness: Sen. Prince Bassey Otu’s First 100 Days in Office

Prince Bassey Otu’s First 100 Days in Office: A Transformative Journey

Sen. Prince Bassey Edet Otu marks his first 100 days in office Today since assuming office as the Governor of Cross River State on May 29, 2023, Sen. Prince Bassey Otu had embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation and renewal.

His tenure has been marked by swift and decisive actions across various sectors of government, all geared towards leaving a lasting legacy for the people of Cross River State.

Environmental Renewal

One of the first challenges Sen. Bassey Otu tackled was the issue of waste disposal.

Recognizing the importance of restoring Calabar’s clean and green status, he initiated the evacuation of refuse waste and garbage from the city. Streets are once again being swept, and refuse disposal guidelines have been introduced to ensure efficient waste management. The impact is evident in the disappearance of garbage heaps from major streets.

In addition to waste management, the Governor has focused on environmental aesthetics. Thousands of young men have been employed to cut grass, prune trees, and trim flowers, giving the entire state a fresh, green look. Old and unsafe trees have been removed, making public spaces safer and more attractive.

Infrastructure Development

2km road network in Nyong Edem Street

Gov. Bassey Otu’s commitment to infrastructure development is evident in various projects across the state. Potholes are being swiftly filled, and roads are under construction, including a 2km road network in Nyong Edem and the Lemna road reconstruction. The state library is being revamped and digitalized to promote reading and research.

Perhaps most notably, the Governor’s Office itself is undergoing a complete overhaul, transforming it into a modern 21st Century smart office. The emphasis on modernization and functionality reflects Sen. Otu’s dedication to efficient governance.

Security and Crime Prevention

Sen. Bassey Otu had made security a top priority. He facilitated the deployment of a Naval warship to secure the state’s waterways, effectively curbing kidnapping activities. A crackdown on criminal hideouts has yielded significant results, including the demolition of drug houses and the arrest of criminals.

Illuminating the Night

To enhance safety at night, the Governor has ensured the repair and replacement of defective street lights, leading to well-lit streets that deter criminal activities.

Workers’ Welfare

Recognizing the importance of a motivated workforce, Sen. Otu directed a thorough screening of civil servants to address various issues, including promotions. In the face of economic challenges due to fuel subsidy removal, the Governor plans to unveil welfare measures for both civil servants and the public.

Reviving Uncompleted Projects and Legacy Assets

Sen. Bassey Otu is fulfilling his promise to complete ongoing projects, such as the Obudu cargo airport. He has also inspected and initiated the repair and reconstruction of legacy assets like the Calabar International Conference Centre and the Ranch Resort.

Beautification and Tourism

The Governor’s commitment to beautification is evident in ongoing projects to enhance Calabar’s appeal as a tourism destination. Reconstruction is in progress at the millennium park, with a promise to continue beautification efforts.

A Visionary Leader

In just 100 days, Sen. Prince Bassey Otu has demonstrated visionary leadership and a deep commitment to Cross River State’s development. His transparent determination to boost the state’s economy, engage with federal agencies and global partners, and prioritize the welfare of the people sets the stage for a promising future. Under his leadership, Cross River State is on track for tremendous progress and transformation.