Trump Rejects Claims of Lying About Wealth, Denounces New York Judge’s Ruling

Former U.S. President Donald Trump finds himself in the midst of a legal storm, as he vehemently rejects claims that he lied about his wealth for years in a New York civil case. Trump’s reaction comes in the wake of a significant ruling by Justice Arthur Engoron, which has far-reaching implications for the legal battles he faces.

Justice Engoron’s ruling paves the way for State Attorney General Letitia James to establish damages in an upcoming trial set for October. New York prosecutors allege that Trump manipulated property valuations, inflating them when dealing with lenders and diminishing them for tax authorities.

The consequences of this legal battle are substantial. Engoron ordered the cancellation of certificates allowing some of Trump’s businesses, including the Trump Organization, to operate in New York. Additionally, the judge mandated the appointment of a receiver to oversee the dissolution of these businesses.

In a scathing rebuke, Justice Engoron outlined how Trump, along with his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, the Trump Organization, and other defendants, fabricated valuations and inflated Trump’s net worth to serve their business interests.

Donald Trump, never one to shy away from expressing his views, took to Truth Social to denounce the ruling. He called it “a very sad day for the New York State System of Justice” and questioned the priorities of the legal system. Trump argued that while the ruling targeted his business dealings, it failed to address the pressing issue of rising crime in New York, including murders and violent crime reaching record levels.

He rhetorically asked, “Can you imagine ruling against me for having done business perfectly, and yet letting people go on a rampage on the sidewalks of New York?” Trump’s criticism extended to the broader impact of such judicial decisions, suggesting that it was driving numerous companies to flee New York in search of more favorable environments.

The civil trial scheduled for October looms large, with the potential to extend into the year’s end. This legal battle adds a layer of complexity to Trump’s political ambitions, as he continues to lead the field for the Republican presidential nomination. As the legal saga unfolds, it will undoubtedly remain in the spotlight, impacting both Trump’s political future and the broader discourse on the accountability of public figures.